Local Business Tax Local Government Code

November 15, 2022

Local Business Tax Local Government Code


Section 216. Special classes of real estate. – All land, buildings and other improvements that are actually used, directly and exclusively for hospital, cultural or scientific purposes, as well as those owned and used by local water districts and state or controlled enterprises providing essential public services in the supply and distribution of water and/or the production and transmission of electrical energy, are classified as special.cralaw SEC. 247. Collection of the tax. – The collection of the property tax with interest and related costs, as well as the execution of the remedies provided for in this title or in the applicable laws, are the responsibility of the treasurer of the city or municipality concerned. The treasurer of the city or municipality may instruct the treasurer of the barangay to collect all taxes on the property of the barangay: Provided that the treasurer of the barangay is duly bound for such purpose: Provided that the premium for the bond is paid by the city or municipal government concerned.cralaw SEC. 212. Establishment of the fair market value scale. – Before making a general change in property assessment in accordance with the provisions of this Title, a fair value register for the different categories of real estate in their respective local government units, issued by order of the relevant Sanggunian, shall be established by the provincial, municipal and municipal assessors of the municipalities of Metro Manila. The list of market values shall be published in a newspaper widely circulated in the province, city or municipality concerned or, failing that, posted in the provincial capital, city or municipal centre and in two other conspicuous public places. § 213 Power of expert to conduct evidence.

– In order to obtain information on which the market value of land may be based, the assessor of the province, city or municipality or his representative may summon the owners of the property concerned or persons having a legal interest in it, as well as witnesses, take an oath and make statements about the property, its ownership. Amount, type and value.cralaw (d) Where a manufacturer, assembler, manufacturer, exporter or contractor has two (2) or more plants, project offices, facilities or plantations in different locations, the apportionment of sales referred to in subsection (2) subsection (2) subsection (b) shall be apportioned among the locations where the plants, Project offices, factories and plantations are located in proportion to their respective production volume during the period: cralaw SEC. 248. The evaluator must provide the local treasurer with a list of evaluations. – The provincial, municipal or municipal assessor shall prepare and submit to the treasurer of the local government unit no later than the thirty-first (31st) day of December of each year an assessment list containing a list of all persons whose properties have been reassessed or reassessed and the values of those properties. As mentioned in question #12, the district tax is distributed to the district, in which the goods are delivered or presumed to be used. In some cases, a retailer may allocate local taxes but not report the county tax to a jurisdiction if the goods were delivered to a location outside the county where they were sold. On the other hand, if the goods are delivered to a county, a retailer may report district tax and not assign local tax to a jurisdiction.

§ 191 Power of local authorities to adjust tax rates. – Local authorities shall have the power to adjust the tax rates prescribed herein not more than once every five (5) years, but in no event shall such adjustment exceed ten percent (10%) of the tax rates established in this Act. (e) Sale procedure – at the time and place specified in the notice, the selling official sells the seized goods or securities at public auction to the highest bidder. Within five (5) days of the sale, the local treasurer will report on the procedure in writing to the relevant local manager. If the seized property is not sold within one hundred and twenty (120) days of the date of seizure, it is deemed to have been sold to the relevant local administrative unit and the tax arrears will be cancelled by the same amount. This evaluation committee is composed of the treasurer of the city or municipality as chairman, with a representative of the audit commission and the assessor of the city or municipality as members.cralaw § 157 Natural persons subject to community tax. – Any resident of the Philippines eighteen (18) years of age or older who has been regularly employed on payroll basis for at least thirty (30) consecutive business days in a calendar year, engaged in a business or profession, or owning real estate with an estimated total value of one thousand pesos (P = 1,000.00) or more, or who is required by law to file a tax return, pays an annual community tax of five pesos (P = 5.00) and an additional annual tax of one peso (P = 1.00) per thousand pesos (P = 1,000.00) of income, whether in the case of a business, profession or property, which in no case may exceed five thousand pesos (P = 5,000.00). In the case of husband and wife, the additional tax levied in this document is based on the ownership of all items and on the total gross income or income generated by them.cralaw SEC. 205. List properties in assessment roles. – (a) In each province and city, including municipalities in the Metro Manila area, an assessment list shall be established and maintained by the provincial, municipal or municipal assessor listing all taxable or exempt property located in the jurisdiction of the relevant local government unit. Real estate is listed, valued and valued in the name of the owner or manager or a person who has a legal interest in the property.cralaw SEC.

181. Purchase of real estate by local government units due to lack of bidders. – If there is no bidder for the property offered for sale as provided herein, or if the highest bid is for an amount insufficient to pay taxes, fees or charges, associated surcharges, interest, penalties and fees, the local treasurer making the sale will purchase the property on behalf of the local administrative unit concerned, in order to satisfy the request, and to prepare a report on its procedure within two (2) days, which is recorded in the files of its office. It is the responsibility of the registrar concerned, when registering such a declaration of confiscation with his office, to transfer ownership of the confiscated property to the local administrative unit concerned, without the need to order a competent court. Within one (1) year from the date of such forfeiture, the taxpayer or any of the taxpayer`s representatives may redeem the property by paying to the local treasurer the full amount of taxes, fees, fees and surtaxes, interest or penalties and the cost of sale. If ownership is not redeemed as provided herein, ownership will be fully transferred to the relevant local administrative entity.cralaw SEC. 167. Payment date. – Unless otherwise specified in this Code, all local taxes, fees and surcharges must be paid within the first twenty (20) days of January or each subsequent quarter. This Sanggunian may, for any reason or legitimate reason, extend the term of payment of such taxes, fees or charges without surcharges or penalties, but only for a period not exceeding six (6) months.

(v) “Resident” means natural persons who have their habitual residence in the province, city or municipality where they exercise their civil rights and fulfill their civil law obligations. and for corporations for which the law or any other provision it creates or recognizes determines their domicile in a specified province, city or municipality. In the absence of such an Act, corporations are residents of the province, city or municipality where they have their legal residence or principal place of business or where they carry on their principal activity or employment; § 163 Presentation of the Community tax certificate on certain occasions. (a) where a person liable to Community tax recognises a document before a notary, takes an oath when he is elected or appointed to a post in the civil service; obtains a licence, certificate or approval from an authority; pays taxes or fees; receives money from a public fund; performs other official business; or receives treatment from a person or entity, it is the duty of any person, officer or entity with whom such transaction or enterprise is entered into or from whom salary or wages are received to require that person to produce the joint tax certificate.

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