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November 17, 2022

Mena Legal Consultants


Mr. de Barnier advises French and other international clients on all legal and commercial aspects of doing business in the Middle East. He has over twenty years of international experience in business consulting, legal and fintech services with extensive and comprehensive legal and practical knowledge of Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and beyond. MENA LEGAL, with its multinational network of law firms, is part of the Zurich-based Swiss association BREXENDORFF & ASSOCIATES (B&A). B&A is an international association of lawyers, tax experts, financial and business advisors, investment bankers, asset management service providers, accountants, insurance experts, strategic advisors, recruitment agencies and fintech and blockchain experts. It offers all its members a network of professionals easily available and very active and trustworthy to better meet the needs of clients. The name MENA LEGAL derives from Pharaoh Mena, the first legendary king of a unified Egypt who ruled over a single, centralized monarchy around 3100 BC. J.-C. as the Magna Carta. This feat of clerical skill and political power has been immortalized in inscriptions and drawings that have only been discovered in recent decades. In this tradition of the rule of law and the development of a civil society, MENA LEGAL as a law firm is inspired.

Dr. Alexander Brexendorff is an entrepreneur/owner and managing director of various legal, business and fintech consulting firms in Europe and the Middle East. He is also founder and CEO of the international trade and legal association Brexendorff & Associates, based in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. MENA LEGAL, through its Swiss association BREXENDORFF & ASSOCIATES (B&A), offers proven value-added services with a “one-stop shop”. B&A has an impressive team of lawyers, tax experts, financial and business advisors, investment bankers, wealth management service providers, accountants, insurance adjusters, strategic advisors and recruiters. MCL Lebanon has its origins in the law firm Jamaleddine, founded in 1986. The partners use their many years of experience to provide comprehensive and competent legal advice. MCL Lebanon is engaged by international law firms to represent the interests of its clients in Lebanon and the Arab world. The firm represents a wide range of well-known clients, including multinational corporations, banks, insurance companies, non-governmental organizations, healthcare providers, schools, hotels, restaurant chains and the Lebanese government.

All lawyers in the firm are members of the Lebanese Bar Association. The services offered by MCL Lebanon combine the intellectual rigor of an established company with cutting-edge knowledge of the market. The practice of our respective law firm offices and B&A members is geared towards the needs of foreign investors operating in an environment where laws, customs and economic conditions often differ significantly from those of the country. To this end, it is important to rely not only on legal expertise, but also on a thorough knowledge of local cultures and business customs in the different regions where our members are based. Within MENA LEGAL and the B&A Switzerland Association, lawyers and business consultants work closely with various experts to provide value-added services to our clients. Our B&A association may refer to other professional advisors, including investment bankers, wealth management service providers, accountants, insurance adjusters and recruitment agencies. Among other things, we have established successful partnerships with fiduciary, tax and accounting service providers, as well as recruitment agencies and fintech experts with international expertise. MENA LEGAL was founded two decades ago by lawyers who had previously worked for large international law firms, but preferred to bring their skills to a smaller, more open international law firm environment to have a more meaningful and direct impact on clients` professional lives and provide the best legal advice in the UAE. Your on-demand knowledge management partner, providing a comprehensive collection of legal experts for Middle East lawyers, is here.

As such, the firm has a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading law firms in Lebanon. MCL`s main working languages are Arabic, English and French. Nevertheless, one of our legal advisors in the Beirut office is fluent in Spanish. MCL represents hundreds of local and international companies dealing with all corporate matters, including, but not limited to, corporate formations, mergers and acquisitions, structuring, contracts, franchising, joint ventures, shareholder rights, corporate taxation, insurance and reinsurance, litigation, employment and labor law. Based in the United Arab Emirates, she has been working as a legal advisor in Europe and the Middle East since 2018 and has prior knowledge of legal advice and advice in corporate, commercial and Italian civil law, as well as extensive experience in international construction contracts and contract negotiations. Based in the UAE for 6 years, Christian previously worked as a lawyer in an emerging digital bank with a variety of responsibilities ranging from regulatory, compliance, contracts to intellectual property and anti-money laundering. Christian`s experience and knowledge of the financial sphere, particularly in the fintech, blockchain and traditional banking sectors, allows for an excellent understanding of all aspects surrounding corporate formation, operations and transactions, especially in the new segments of crypto, NFT, metaverse and challenger banks. MENA LAW supports the international and national strategies of its clients, they rely on us to help them make the right decisions. The MENA LAW team combines the knowledge, experience and energy of the entire firm to solve clients` most complex challenges in all legal aspects. Equip yourself with high-quality English translations of Middle Eastern laws. 137, rue de l`Université – 75007 Paris, France Keep abreast of the latest regulatory changes and their impact on public-private sector relations. Alfred Rewane Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos, NigeriaWorking with AELEX Law Firms Our cost-effective packages make comprehensive content accessible to Middle Eastern lawyers at competitive and affordable prices.

3 Fleet Street London EC4Y 1AUIn cooperation with Atkins Thomson Our clients appreciate the many years of practical experience of our lawyers in advising international companies on their investments in Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East. Understand the laws and regulations that apply locally and abroad to help your clients enter global markets. Via Aldo Barbaro, 2110143In collaboration with Martinez & Novebaci, Artem has many years of experience in the areas of corporate law, litigation and arbitration, particularly in the construction and oil and gas sectors. He has been an associative partner of MENA LEGAL since 2015 and advises international clients on their business activities in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. Christian was born in Pretoria, South Africa and after traveling the world and attending school in 7 different countries, he finally graduated with a degree in British Law in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In collaboration with Mashora Law FirmBusiness Gate | Bld. 7 – Zone A C.P. 93597 | Riyadh 11683 | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Brexendorff & Associates, Max-Högger-Str. 6 | 8048 Zurich | Switzerland Italian (native languages), English (fluent), Spanish French and Spanish (basic knowledge) Our lawyers and B&A members support clients with a commercial and results-oriented approach tailored to the client`s individual needs; From the initial planning phase to negotiations, transaction closing, day-to-day operational issues and all sorts of intermediate issues. BREXENDORFF & ASSOCIATES DMCCSheikh Zayed Road P.O.

Box 309028 | Dubai | U.A.E.In work with HK lawyers and legal advisors Get quick access to the most relevant and accurate information with the tools and resources you need to speed up your search. For the past 7 years, she has dedicated herself to advancing knowledge of international treaties by actively participating in treaty negotiations around the world. Nadim Al Jisr Editorial Manager, Legal Professionals, Middle East and North Africa Aurélien de Barnier is a French lawyer from Nice, in southern France. Having grown up and lived in the United Arab Emirates since 2001, he graduated from Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi in 2014 with a bachelor`s degree in law and political science and in 2016 with a master`s degree in business law, international law and sustainable development law.

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