Requirements for Civil Marriage in Dubai

November 28, 2022

Requirements for Civil Marriage in Dubai


All nationals and expatriates can get married in the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE, Islamic marriages are performed in accordance with Shariah regulations, which apply regardless of nationality in the following cases: The fee for obtaining a marriage certificate from the Dubai Sharia Court is AED 200. The cost of wedding in Dubai for non-Muslims can vary from embassy/consulate to embassy. There is also another procedure for Muslim expats who wish to marry in the UAE through Sharia marriage. Muslim tourists can get married in Dubai if at least one partner has a residency visa. Muslim weddings for tourists in Dubai are celebrated at the Dubai courthouse. If you are Muslim and marry a non-Muslim, your partner must first convert to Islam in order to continue the marriage in court in Dubai. In Dubai and other parts of the UAE, Muslim weddings are performed for expats and locals in accordance with Sharia regulations, which apply regardless of the nationality of the couple. Islamic weddings in Dubai take place when you learn the costs and procedure of applying for a civil marriage.

Also, the embassy or church may have other requirements to get married in Dubai. These depend from one entity to another and may vary. However, in most cases, the embassy and/or church may request additional documents such as: Abu Dhabi Ministry of Justice and Dubai courts facilitate online marriage applications and services from marriage officials. The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) website states www.adjd.gov.ae: “A civil marriage is the legal union of a non-Muslim man and a non-Muslim woman and is solemnly entered into as a civil contract without a religious ceremony,” with a government official performing the ceremony and a religious wedding where a pastor/clergy performs it on the other side. Even if you live in Dubai, getting married in Dubai is not easy, especially if you are an expat. If you still want to exchange vows in this magical city, be prepared to do a lot of paperwork. Marriage law lawyers in Dubai can make it easy for you. You can benefit from the legal assistance of our experienced family and marriage lawyers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other UAE emirates. • A complete and signed marriage application form.• Copy of UAE passport or identity card.• If you have ever been married, proof that the marriage has been dissolved:i.

In the event of the death of one of the spouses, a copy of the death certificate must be presented.ii. In case of divorce, a copy of the divorce certificate.iii. If a previous marriage has been annulled, a copy of the court order.• Prenuptial Agreement (optional). While previously non-Muslims could marry in a religious ceremony, the new law allows a non-Muslim man and a non-Muslim woman to perform a marriage as a civil contract without a religious ceremony. “The process of a civil marriage has been simplified – any couple with strong legal and intellectual capacities – can electronically submit a bilingual English-Arabic template for the execution and registration of their civil marriage. The application must be accompanied by the relevant documents, such as a copy of the passport, a residence visa, an identity card of the Emirates and other official documents attributing, among other things, the religion of the parties, confirmation of the non-existence of a current marriage. Court fees can also be paid electronically,” Ishnaneh said. There are several requirements for marriage in Dubai, which requires an embassy or church, depending on the above factors (nationality, citizenship, etc.). However, the usual documents required of them are as follows: Muslim expats wishing to marry in Dubai must meet the following requirements: Download the civil marriage application form, available on the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Justice website.

(www.adjd.gov.ae/AR/Documents/Courts%20Form/1_Marriage_Application%20M1.pdf) Here are the requirements that the couple needs to prepare to get married in Dubai: 8. If the conditions are met, the couple will receive a digital marriage certificate. “Both spouses do not need to be residents of Abu Dhabi or the United Arab Emirates to marry in Abu Dhabi. In fact, tourists can apply online for civil marriage in Abu Dhabi from abroad by submitting the online application form and scheduling the ceremonies to come to Abu Dhabi and sign their marriage certificate. Abu Dhabi`s new family law, which regulates civil status matters for foreigners, including civil marriage, no-fault divorce, joint custody of children and financial rights, applies to all expatriates, non-residents and tourists, regardless of their religion. This applies as long as their country of origin does not apply Sharia law in family matters. The couple will go to court on the scheduled date to sign the marriage certificate, and you will receive an original copy stamped the same day. The whole process should take no more than 10 minutes. The ministry also has a full e-wedding service for couples wishing to get married in the UAE. The system allows you to make an appointment with an agent, pay the fee and book your scheduled wedding date online. As the system is linked to your Emirates ID card, no identification or document is required.

Dubai offers online services for people who wish to marry through court proceedings. The online portal makes it easier for people to register their marriage by going through all the legal procedures by simply accessing the portal and obtaining a marriage certificate from the Dubai court. According to Islam, marriage is considered a legal contract between two people (a man and a woman) to protect the rights of the couple and children. For two people to marry in the UAE, they must first register the marriage with a Sharia court to ensure all legal requirements for marriage in the UAE. Contact the best law firms in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Here are the main legal requirements for Muslim weddings: Civil weddings in Dubai are quite common; Dubai is home to many expats who meet and fall in love. However, it should not be forgotten that this is not always the case for all couples. To be legally married in Dubai first, couples must both be at least 18 years old. Second, they should have two witnesses with identity cards. In the UAE, all laws are based on Sharia law. It is an Islamic religious legal system that regulates all aspects of the country (public or private).

Thus, there is a strict law in this nation regarding marriage and cohabitation of a man and a woman. Regardless of the religion and nationality of the couple, it is forbidden to live together unless they are married. The general conditions for marriage are as follows: According to the law, the only two ways a man and a woman can be together in a home are (a) if they are married or (b) family members. If they are not family members and live under the same roof, this can be punishable. Only marriage can give them the right to share space among themselves, to found a family and to protect their rights and those of their children. The law introduces the concept of civil marriage, which is based on the free will of the couple. This means that the consent of the woman`s family is not required. “This decision (Law No. 14 of 2021) allows non-Muslim expats to follow the rules of their home country regarding their union or farewell. To get married, a couple no longer needs a religious ceremony, [approval] from a guardian or a medical test. A notary or judge approves the marriage proposal and issues a digital certificate.

The law also allows couples to register a prenuptial agreement (prenuptial agreement) if they wish,” Dipali Maldonado, a senior consultant at law firm Al Tamimi and Company, told Gulf News. Eligibility for the grant may be decided on the basis of compliance with the following conditions: Learn more about marriage and family services on the websites of: “Point to note here; UAE law allows a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman. However, it does not allow a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man unless he embraces Islam before marriage. In such a scenario, you must provide a certificate of acceptance of Islam from each Islamic center approved by the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Foundations. “The right to marry is a universal human right. Men and women have the right to marry and found a family. They enjoy the same rights as marriage, during marriage and at the time of its dissolution. The personal law of the United Arab Emirates governs all matters related to prenuptial agreements. In order for the applicant to be eligible for the fund, there are certain requirements, including: The law followed in the UAE is Sharia law, and according to Sharia, marriage is considered the bond that exists between a man and a woman for a legal relationship. As we all know that the economic boom was the new lightning in Dubai, because everyone visited the UAE and set up businesses here, the number of foreigners increased tremendously.

Professionals from all over the world have started moving to the UAE to run their businesses and raise their families.

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