Road Legal Gas Gas Trials Bikes

November 28, 2022

Road Legal Gas Gas Trials Bikes


It now wants to take advantage of this with the introduction of its first road models, which appear in vehicle registration documents under the codes GG ES 700 and GG SM 700. At the time of purchase in 2019, leaked documents showed that KTM had big plans for the brand, including more KTM models, particularly the 390/890 Adventure range, with GasGas versions perhaps more off-road oriented than KTM teammates. The confirmation comes from the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoder information transmitted by KTM in the United States. The VIN set-top box was recently modified on February 16, with a cover letter pointing out that the only changes were to add the “GG ES 700” and “GG SM 700” for 2022 and 2023, with both models specifically marked as allowed on the road. The decoder includes the two new motorcycles with perennial models from KTM and its sister brands GasGas (marked as “GG” in the document), Husqvarna (“HQV”) and the closed Husaberg (HSB). We may be the newcomers to the MX scene, but we are very focused on building bikes that stand out from the crowd with their performance and bold, dynamic design. Above all, we build bikes that allow cyclists to have fun! All of our MX bikes value ease of use, value and reliability, allowing riders to push their limits and have serious fun! And for 2022, we have expanded our range with the new MC 350F, the new MC 250 for 2-stroke enthusiasts and the MC 85 small wheel for the champions of tomorrow. Bold, modern and unmistakably GASGAS! With more red than ever, our 2023 trial bikes make a strong statement. With a red powder-coated electronic frame, a pinch of anodized material, and high-end components that not only ensure incredible performance, but also a professional look, it`s safe to say that all GASGAS trial bikes work as well as they look. Together with his teammates KTM and Husqvarna, GASGAS` profile has grown beyond off-road circles over the past 12 months and has successfully competed in short track races with his winning Moto2 World Championship team and new Moto2 team.

There`s nothing like hitting the trails with friends and going to the mountains! As long as GASGAS builds motorcycles, we are dealing with enduro on a large scale. Today, our enduro range allows riders of all ages and levels to explore and enjoy their local trails. With 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes, all featuring the latest technology and distinctive styling, celebrating our unique Spanish heritage, all models offer proven performance for simple riding pleasure. As expected, both models are spin-offs of the KTM 690SMC platform, the same platform on which the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and Enduro motorcycles are based. It seems that the only difference between the GasGas, Husqvarna and KTM models is the livery, with the GasGas models painted in a bold red livery with white stickers. A commuter bike in good condition, super competent off-road and brimming with GAS DNA! Combining high-quality, road-legal performance with proven off-road capabilities, the ES 700 proudly brings GASGAS` playful and vibrant attitude to the road. The GASGAS ES 700 is a fun dual-sport perfect for mixed surface adventures that spice up every daily commute. MX and Trials specialist GASGAS will offer its first range of road-legal bikes later this year, starting with the KTM 690 SMC R and Enduro R versions. The new technologies and the close collaboration with our GASGAS Factory Racing drivers will improve reliability throughout the 2023 test area. In line with the technical team that builds our TrialGP road bikes, much of the technology and components they use have been incorporated into our production testing range. The end result? A stronger and more robust range of motorcycles that delivers super fun and proven performance.

It remains to be seen how different the red bikes will be from their cousins. The three brands share common platforms, but the models undergo some modifications to differentiate each other. The 690 SMC R, for example, has a larger fuel tank, higher seat height and longer wheelbase than the 701 Supermoto. It also comes standard with Bridgestone Battlax hypersport tires, while the Husqvarna model comes with Continental ContiAttack SM EVO tires. It seems that KTM and Husqvarna`s sister brand, GasGas, are trendy late to the party of the new 2022 model, especially by launching a GasGas ES 700 Enduro and a homologated SM 700 Supermoto in the US and global markets. This was reported by motorcycle.com based on the “Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)” decoder information submitted by KTMâ in the United States on February 16, 2022. The report also shows that two dealers in Spain, GasGas` home country, have already listed the ES and SM bikes on their respective websites, making their future secure. Both bikes are quoted in euros at $10,749, and if you rely on today`s conversion, it`s $12,036, about $500 less than KTM North America`s base price of $12,499 for the 690 SMC R, 690 Enduro R, as well as the Huskies 701 Supermoto. Another trader, this one in Ukraine, listed the GasGas SM model at UAH 375,020 ($12,562) and the ES model at UAH 371,960 ($12,459) even closer to its existing brethren.

The cover letter and document addressed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows these two lists for the “22/23” model years under the GasGas “GG” brand as “street-legal” models, a first for the Spanish brand Pierer, known for its testing machines, MX and rally raid. Enjoy the daily commute like never before! The GASGAS SM 700 brings the playful and vibrant character of GASGAS to everything we do and is ready for the good times on the road. Built with a proven and powerful technical foundation that offers both powerful performance and dynamic handling on the road, as well as a distinct, upright riding position, it`s an agile and dynamic motorcycle, perfect for fun city trips. GasGas is preparing to launch its first road-legal motorcycles with a new ES 700 Enduro and SM 700 Supermoto. Motorcycle.com can confirm that both of these models will come to the United States. So far, the pure off-road brand is taking on its own parents We`re all on the process! And always will be, even if things are a little different now. By enhancing and strengthening an established range of innovative and class-leading motorcycles, we are fully focused on continuing our involvement in the sport where it all began for GASGAS in the 1980s. We continue to offer the same great bikes, but now with significantly improved access, service and assistance. It`s as simple as that. Loved and loved by drivers around the world, the GASGAS TXT RACING and GP ranges are fun, exciting and easy to use. GASGAS is a little different today than it was! We have experienced considerable growth in recent years, also thanks to our participation and success in the world rally, motocross, supercross and enduro sectors.

But trial is trial – a discipline for which we have a great passion and which is extremely important for GASGAS. Our latest generation of high-performance bikes reflects this. Building on an already advanced platform, these latest models underline our growing commitment to fine foot sports. The new TXT RACING and TXT GP series have been developed in collaboration with our GASGAS Factory Racing Trial team to ensure we build bikes that take all riders to take their skills to the next level.

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