Rules of the Game Catan

November 29, 2022

Rules of the Game Catan


The Settlers of Catan or Catan is a game for 3-4 players. The game takes place on an island consisting of areas that produce different types of resources. Why we love it: We love the excitement of every roll of the dice and trading with other players. Also, every time the game is played, you can change the layout of the board to make it different in each game! Although there have been many expansions and spin-offs for Catan over the years – there is even a movie in the works – there are still many people who have never played this classic game. At the beginning of the game, the first player chooses a place on the game board to place 1 colony and 1 street for free (which means that he does not have to spend resources to build them). If you are playing a progress card, follow the instructions. Then the card is removed from the game (i.e. thrown into the box). Sort the resource cards into 5 piles and place them face up next to the board.

Shuffle the development cards and place them face down next to the board. You can`t play the base game of Catan with only 2 players, but they offer a 2-player card game called Rivals of Catan, as well as other versions of Catan that you can find here! Catan is a board game for two to four players in which you compete to gather resources and build the largest settlements on the fictional island of Catan. Playing takes about an hour. Catan, originally released in 1995 by designer Klaus Teuber, was released under the title “The Settlers of Catan” and was only available in Germany. Since then, it has become known as one of the most popular family games in the world and has sold over 32 million copies! Build roads – these must be connected to existing roads, human settlements or cities1. The player to build a continuous road of at least 5 road sections will receive a special “longest road map” (worth 2 victory points). Players who build longer roads later in the game take control of the “longest roadmap” and its victory points Before starting a Catan game, it`s important to understand the basics of how the game works and how to use each component. If you have 10 or more victory points during your turn, you can declare victory and end the game. Place your 2 streets and 2 colonies on the board. Catan is, to some extent, a game of probability, as the resources that emerge are determined by the dice that are rolled. 7 is the most likely number rolled with two dice and treated slightly differently. Catan is a family board game where dice are rolled, swapped and run to the finish.

Players compete to be the first to receive 10 victory points, but they must also work cooperatively to exchange resources with each other. The first player to build a road at least five sections long (in a single section – without forks) receives the longest Route card, which is worth two victory points at the end of the game. The cards of the longest road and the largest army, as well as the two dice, must be placed next to the board. Klaus Teuber`s trading and expansion game is considered one of the most influential and important games of all time, triggering a golden age of modern table games, selling over 20 million copies in over 25 years since its first release. It seems like everyone from jelly star Kristen Bell to pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen is a fan. Thanks to the perfect combination of skill and luck, this multi-award-winning Catan game will make players want to come back. If you don`t have anyone to play with, they also have a digital version of the game that you can use to play against A.I. or other players online! Use our online guide to playing Catan to quickly understand the rules and gameplay. Settlement construction requires brick, wood, sheep and wheat.

Getting regulations quickly on the board can be quite an important strategy in the game, as each rule is worth one victory point. You need 10 victory points to win the game. Victory point cards are the juiciest of development cards, as they speed up your path to victory and stay hidden until you have enough victory points to win the game in turn. Victory Points cards are the only development cards that can be played on the same turn they were purchased. NOTE: Once you have picked up a card, you will not be able to use it until your next turn, except for the Victory Point card (if you can use it to win a game in the same round). If you haven`t experienced the legendary board game yet or just need a refresh of the basic rules, read on and let us show you how to play Catan. Here are all the ways you can get victory points during the game: If you have 10 or more victory points during your turn, the game ends and you are the winner! If you reach 10 points when it`s not your turn, the game will continue until a player (including you) has 10 points in turn. Be sure to count your victory points (and those of your opponents!) throughout the game by tracking the buildings and all the bonuses of the longest street/largest army.

However, during the game, if someone else builds a longer road than the owner of this map, they will steal that map from you as well as the 2 VP. Players compete to collect and trade resources. Resources are used to build settlements/cities in order to increase resource production and earn victory points. Resources can also be used to purchase development cards in order to gain an advantage in the game.

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