Seattle`s Union Gospel Mission Legal Services

November 29, 2022

Seattle`s Union Gospel Mission Legal Services


The Mission provides services in Spanish, including chapel, counseling and legal assistance. Our legal team meets with each client to hear their story. Then we help them create a plan to solve the problem. We exist to provide free legal assistance to those who need it most so they can solve their legal problems and get on with their lives. Legal problems trap men and women in homelessness. Many of them can be easily resolved, but homeless people often have no voice in the legal system, no money to pay for legal services, and no idea how to proceed. Churches and religious organizations have the right to hire those who share their faith without being punished by the government. As Justice Alito explains in his statement, this freedom belongs not only to churches, but also to “religious schools and religious organizations engaged in charitable practices, such as the operation of homeless shelters, hospitals, soup kitchens, and religious legal aid clinics similar to those of the mission – among many others.” The ADF will continue to defend its rights. We give homeless men and women a voice so they can move on to the next stage of life. By clarifying their legal issues, we are equipping them to leave chronic homelessness in the past.

The Union Gospel Mission of Seattle is a Christian nonprofit organization that has been helping the homeless in Seattle, Washington for nearly 90 years. It was founded in 1932 as a soup kitchen for people suffering during the Great Depression. Today, the mission offers many services, including mobile showers, a “rescue and recovery” program that brings food and basic necessities to people on the street, a legal aid clinic, and effective recovery programs for people struggling with addiction. We bring hope to prisoners with worship, life skills classes and counseling. In 2016, the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle refused to hire a lawyer for its legal aid clinic because the lawyer did not align with Gospel Mission`s beliefs or follow their religious expectations of staff. After the Mission hired a candidate who met its religious criteria, the lawyer continued the mission. The Washington State Supreme Court issued a ruling in March 2021 in the case, concluding that the Constitution does not protect the mission`s efforts to operate in accordance with its beliefs. Washington presents the mission with an impossible choice: either violate your beliefs or stop serving your homeless neighbors.

The Mission provides legal services to men and women trapped in homelessness. Every night, search + rescue vans bring vital supplies, care, friendship and prayer. To escape his traumatic memories, Josh tried to banish chaotic moments from his mind. At the age of 12, he discovered that drugs helped. At his lowest, Josh was friendless, depressed and homeless. The Union Gospel Mission in Seattle is unique in that 25% of its employees are former clients whom it has helped fight homelessness and substance abuse. Since the Christian faith of mission is an integral part of everything it does, it can only engage those who share and live its religious convictions. A Washington Supreme Court ruling seeks to punish a religious nonprofit, the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle, for refusing to hire employees who do not share the organization`s religious beliefs. The religious convictions and evangelism of ministry are the basis of everything it does, and therefore each collaborator must live and share the religious convictions of the mission for the mission to be successful. Our one-year faith-based recovery program helps men and women with counseling and relapse prevention programs, providing the physical, mental and spiritual healing they need to leave their addiction behind. This is the stage you see most often – people who live on the streets and often struggle with addiction. We are on the road 365 days a year to combine them with life-saving help.

This #GivingTuesday, every $15.24 you donate will be doubled, up to a maximum of $200,000, to provide homeless neighbours with a meal and life-saving things. Our mobile shower trailer provides hot showers as well as soap, shampoo and fresh towels. More than 13,000 people are now struggling with homelessness and addictions in the greater Seattle area. Here`s how your generosity helped us last year. The mission`s outreach team acts as first responders, providing love, food, and essentials. We prepare people with vocational training and more for the workplace. No. This violates the First Amendment`s right to freedom of religion.

The government should stay out of the internal faith affairs of churches and religious services. Our work focuses on removing barriers to financial and social stability and focuses on issues such as: Every day we help women overcome violence and addiction to start a new life. Our courses provide people with the knowledge and skills to thrive after graduation. Donate now to deliver meals and take care of this Thanksgiving season Richard started taking drugs at the age of eight. As an adult, he lost everything to addiction. Now he works soberly in the mission, helping others escape the streets. We provide acute care to men and women with serious medical conditions. A program for men who are coming out of prison and/or living with concurrent substance abuse and mental health issues. After completing our recovery program, many people continue their education, internships and new jobs.

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