Sold as Seen` Legal Definition

November 30, 2022

Sold as Seen` Legal Definition


When buying a used car, you may come across a vehicle that is sold “as is”. While most people understand what this means, let`s take a closer look at this topic. Check out this excerpt from an article by DMV.org. A dealer is also generally required by law to inform a customer of a vehicle`s warranty status. These laws vary from state to state. With the right information, Michelle was able to have her car completely repaired by the dealership, despite initial claims. Informing traders about their legal rights prompted them to act. *This article is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. In the case of a car sold, the term refers to the warranty status of a vehicle. A car sold “as is” is sold without warranty.

This means that any problems with the car are no longer the responsibility of the dealer or private seller once it has been sold. All repair costs are directly attributable to the buyer. A private seller does not have the same legal obligations as a car dealership, so reimbursement or repair is a gray area. Here sold, as seen not the same application as a dealer sale. The legal contract says nothing about diminishing liability. If you sell an item as is, implied warranties for an item are excluded, but no express warranties. Thus, if the buyer expressly guarantees the quality of an item by its description, the seller can take legal action if the item does not match this description. At Oak Motors, ALL of our vehicles come with a 36-month/36,000-mile powertrain limited warranty.

We want to make sure you have affordable and reliable transportation to help you through your daily routine. Get started today by finding a vehicle or applying for financing online. The three criteria for a refund (your legal rights as a consumer)Did you know that when you buy a used car from a dealer it must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and, as described in the advertisement, whether the car costs £1,000 or £20,000, do the same rules apply? On the other hand, the expression “as seen” does not exclude “express” warranties: these may arise, for example, from the seller`s description of an item. In other words, although the item can be sold “as is”, the buyer can invalidate the sale if, for example, it does not match the seller`s description. The auctioneers invoked the objection that the defective goods were “sold as is” and “without warranty” – but what does that really mean? Citizens Advice is the preferred resource around selling topics as seen. They are accommodating if you bought from a dealer who refuses to make repairs. “As is” is a legal term that describes the status of a sales item. This means that the item is sold complete with all known and unknown issues. Essentially, the delay exempts the seller from recourse in the event of an unexpected problem after the sale. You can inform the seller that you are aware of your legal rights and responsibilities. The term “sold as seen” may not exclude the usual implied terms in SOGA, but could be used as evidence that it is not a sale by description or sample, but a specifically designated sale.

However, if there is no inspection of the goods as part of a sale, the sale is likely to be considered a description. For retail help and assistance, please contact them at [email protected] using the reference “soldasseen” The Sales of Goods Act 1979 (SOGA) implicit in business-to-business contracts provides for a number of implied conditions. For example, section 14 of SOGA implies that goods sold must be of satisfactory quality. Motorists were informed that the car was sold to them under a strict “Sold as seen” policy, meaning that once purchased, the dealer disclaimed any responsibility for the vehicle. A “sold as seen” property means that it is sold without knowledge of potential defects such as moisture problems, subsidence, water damage, rodent infestations, faulty heating, etc. Similarly, any other relevant information, such as the identity of utilities, the date of construction of an extension or details of other work carried out on the property, is not readily available. “As is” refers to a term used in sales contracts where the buyer agrees to purchase a product in its current state, without recourse, if the buyer discovers a defect in the product after purchase. The buyer should be able to see and inspect the goods before purchasing so that they are usually aware of the condition of the item.

Michelle was surprised to learn that any car sold by a dealership, regardless of price, age and condition, could NOT be sold legally. “Sold as seen” or “Commercial sale” are not legally binding terms, even if they are included on a sales invoice. If you are buying from a dealer, it is advisable to ignore this type of statement when the dealer tries to eliminate their liability in the event of a problem with the car.

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