Urdu Legal Terms

December 04, 2022

Urdu Legal Terms


Something that is officially stated on a list of legally binding documents of Urdu words and terms related to “legal”, consisting of thematic and topic-specific definitions, descriptions, explanations and categorizations permission, justification, legality, validity, legality, permission, correction modification or washing of legal documents, cheating legal terms and list of glossaries in English with Urdu meanings. Legal terms and vocabulary with Urdu/Hindi meanings learn important legal vocabulary Words and terms with Urdu and Hindi meanings List of legal terminology with their meanings. legal statement of grievances, with cause of action, with apology; a statement of objections, an incidental application, a reserve of court costs, costs, with the exception of payments to lawyers related to the initiation of proceedings before a court, court costs, including those eligible for the benefit of the winning party or against the losing party in the dispute: a person who illegally seizes the loot or property of another person For the definition of a legal concept, Enter a word or phrase below. on cash payment, etc., redemption, release in progress, in progress, in progress, continuous, promulgated, fluid, in force, predominant, current, in use, issued (book, etc.) Admitting, confessing, acknowledging, affirming, executing, determining, Someone who affirms or confirms an explicit and decisive saying (from the Qur`an or Hadith) the means by which one can acquire knowledge of the law a particular form of contribution by which the holder is authorized to use the object deposited a manager of culture and village affairs, a tenant, a subject superstition, Delirium, fantasy, fantasy, hallucination Learn fruit names in English and Urdu with pronunciation. Fruit name vocabulary with pictures. Contribution, indulgence, partnership, amount of state tax for a commercial alliance, etc. who has not been paid in previous years beggar, plaintiff, plaintiff, interrogator, interrogator against whom claims for compensation are made, defendant to give (a) testimony, to call (a person) as a witness, to cite a case (of) or precedent (for), to summon a case, to summon an official (of a court) responsible for the seizure of property pursuant to a decree, And for the recovery of the proceeds, a sheriff`s officer, a bailiff who advances, goes out, exposes, drifts, passes, arrives, promulgates, enforces the law: change part of the falsification in the documents, etc. Explanation, remark, exegesis, illustration, clarification, clarification, follow-up to a witness for his testimony in court, late payment of land revenues, daily expenses of military personnel Indictment, formal indictment accusing (someone) of having committed a crime, indictment, minutes drawn up in a police station of the indictment against a person a round or a game spell, (in sport), a silk fabric embroidered with gold and/or silver, perforated glass beads, ordinary pearl (not a real one), sheep`s liver, ten-year-old elephant, young of an animal act of colonization, colonization, colonization, rehabilitation, puberty, adulthood, sexual maturity, masculinity to make a pact, or alliance to make a pact), enter into a pact, a confederation or alliance.

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