Vexing Definition Synonyms and Antonyms

December 05, 2022

Vexing Definition Synonyms and Antonyms


A more annoying problem is distinguishing suicide attempt from accidental overdose. Anything that annoys is boring or boring. The sound of a car alarm is extremely annoying for everyone. Maybe she can do something now without annoying the captain and Mrs. Harper. I can`t feel natural there, and I`m afraid of annoying you or causing harm. For the Liberals, the question of how to square the circle is annoying. If the land beyond Hadrian`s Wall has become alluring and peaceful or has remained in boring disarray, our authorities do not say so. Meloni was just beginning to relax a little when a young officer raised a small but annoying problem. More annoying than brief mentions are complete omissions. When Paul Ryan visits churches to try to solve some of our country`s most annoying problems, will the media talk about it? On and in the office, where the whole morning was very busy, and especially with Mr. Wood, I teased him about his masts.

The results are boring and increasingly dangerous as Moscow builds threats based on its own propaganda. Being angry means being irritated or upset, so anything that annoys creates irritation or despair. A split headache is annoying. A talkative neighbor can be annoying. Filling out a form is usually boring. If you`re trying to get somewhere and there`s traffic, it`s an annoying situation. Unfortunately, life is full of boring situations. The vaccine issue has angered some members of Congress since the Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use authorization for the vaccine made by Pfizer last week. LPL`s Buchbinder notes that stocks have historically performed better in a divided government environment, while larger tax increases are “likely off the table” if the Senate remains in Republican hands — which has angered Wall Street. This isn`t the first time the city has seemed on the verge of solving a political problem that has bothered it for years. Meanwhile, the SolarWinds issue continues to antagonize federal officials. However, ask executives which CEO annoys them the most, and Musk`s name comes first.

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