Quick Tip: The Purple Piece; How To Get The Look

Hey Lovelies,

I got busy with my brushes and colors over the weekend and created this sultry look. So by popular demand…*flutters lashes*, I decided to do a piece on how to get the look.

The Purple Piece; How To Get The Look
For the eyes, start with the purple shadow from  Zaron True Fantasy shadow as first base then apply the Carbon shadow just at the corners of the eyes to smoke them out…
Eyes-            Zaron True Fantasy and  MAC Carbon Eye shadow
The MAC liquid eyeliner comes in handy for the upper lids, then add a touch of color to the tear ducts with the Jordana Purple Fusion twist-up pencil.
Upper Lids-     Mac Liquid Eyeliner
Inner Eyes-      Jordana Purple Fusion Eyeliner
Add color to the cheeks with MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush powder  

Cheeks-           Sweet As Cocoa Blush Powder
This is my best part of the whole look, *grins*.Apply this very “yum” MAC lip color in two coats, the lipglass goes in the middle of the lips,then blend well.

Lips-                MAC Up the Amp Lipstick and Clear Lip glass
Finish this look by applying loose powder to the face to freshen up the makeup.
Face-             Nars Loose Powder
And there you have it!!!
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