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What’s In My Diaper Bag?
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What’s In My Diaper Bag?

A diaper bag as the name implies is a bag for storing diapers, right? Well, that’s correct but the bag isn’t just for diapers, it’s your go-to bag for baby supplies whenever you’re out of the house (at work, a party, visiting family and the friends, at the...

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my pregnancy skincare routine
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Skincare : My Pregnancy Skincare Routine

A few months before finding out that I was pregnant, I got (bought and was sent) quite a bit of skincare products for review. However, after the positive confirmation, I immediately went online to check which products to use with regards to ingredients to embrace and those to steer clear...

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I’m Back From The Hiatus!

A big hellooo and welcome to you, my glam family!!! Oh my! I can’t believe it’s been one whole year since my last blog post. As the saying goes…a lot can happen in one year and indeed, so many things happened in the last one year. This is actually the longest I’ve...

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AHAs and BHAs – What You Need To Know

If you want to have healthy-looking radiant skin, exfoliation should be a part of your skincare routine. Although, our skin goes through a natural exfoliation process daily, with lack of sun protection and age, that process of shedding tends to slow down or end altogether. So, a little...

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Skincare : How To Prevent And Treat Maskne

Acne mechanica is the medical term for “maskne”, a skin condition brought on by prolonged wear of facial personal protective equipment e.g face masks. It is caused due to the breakdown of your skin’s barrier (its outermost layer that shields you from outside damage while keeping hydration...

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