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Hey Lovelies,
How’s the weather treating you? Its been real hot for some days now and dehydration has come upon us…*sadface*. The best way to stay glowing and healthy is by taking lots and lots of water,using products with sunscreen and of course wearing comfortable clothing fabrics especially those made from cotton.
So, in the course of trying to get my mind off the weather, I decided to throw on a ‘fro’ despite the heat…(that’s an irony, right?) hahaha… and took pictures of the look I created with some golds and browns. I’m loving these earthy tones at the moment and couldn’t help but share my excitement with you.






The "fish" face..lol
The “fish” face..lol

Eyes :

  • Wood winked(MAC) ,Amber lights(MAC), Lava(Bmpro)
  • Navajo Brown(CasaBella)and Carbon( MAC) for the Crease
  • Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner
  • Zaron Concealer Pencil for Tear line, Smudge Of Blue Eyeshadow for Lower lash Line
  • Sacred Lashes for Extra Glamour


  • Zaron Clay-pot Lip liner,L’oreal Limited Edition Lipstick in Cheetah,Mocha (MAC),Clear Lip glass (MAC)

Have fun recreating the look.*winks*

Hugs and Kisses,


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