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Hey Glam Royals,

I’ve had quite a number of people,ask me about makeup brushes to use for smooth and flawless application. So, i thought i should do this post to show you my favorite makeup brushes for each step of my makeup application routine.

Makeup Brushes

Foundation Brushes: realTechniques buffing brush, bdellium tools 957, Sigma foundation brush-F60, H&E foundation brush.

Foundation brushes

Stippling Brushes: Sigma duo fibre F-50, e.l.f stipple brush, H&E stipple brush.

Stipple brushes

Powder Brushes: cozzette S125, Sigma-F30, Zaron powder brush, H&E powder brush, cozzette S130.

Powder brushes

Concealer Brushes: Sigma concealer brush F-70, realTechniques pointed foundation brush, cozzette P345, realTechniques detailer brush.

Concealer brushes

Eyebrow Brushes: e.l.f eyelash and brow wand, H&E lash and brow brush.

Eyebrow brushess

Eye Shadow Brushes: Bobbi brown duo brush 8330,Sigma concealer brush F-70, cozzette D225,e.l.f eye shadow brush.

Eyeshadow brushes

Blending Brushes: Chanel blending brush, bdellium 785,cozzette D200,MAC 217,cozzette S175,e.l.f blending eye brush, Bobbi brown duo brush 8330,H&E eye smudge brush.

Blending brushes

Eyeliner Brushes: cozzette D300,H&E eyeliner brush, Zaron eyeliner brush, e.l.f defining eye brush.

Eyeliner brushes

Blush/Contour/highlight Brushes: realTechniques contour brush, Sigma large angled contour F-40, Zaron angled blush brush, e.l.f blush brush.

Blush/contour/highlight brushes

Lip Brushes : realTechniques detailer brush, cozzette P355,e.l.f defining lip brush, H&E lip brush.

Lip brushes

I hope you found this article helpful. If you need me to review any of these makeup brushes,please feel free to drop a comment. *tiddles*.

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