What’s In My Bag? : Have A Peek!

Hey Glam Royals,

How are you today? I hope your day started out fine. Mine started out great and I am excited to share what’s in my bag with you…*grins*. Oh yes,I have had requests to share what I carry around on a daily basis,so here goes…

My Bag: This purple croc leather tote  bag got my attention during the holidays. I saw it while shopping online on Konga . I fell in love immediately but the price (was 10,oooonaira) made me think twice and I just whistled past,hoping it might go on sale or something. Alas,my wish came true! . Konga decided to do an end of the year/clearance sale and I got the bag for about 6,500naira after the discount was taken off…lucky me! . Anyway,this has been my ‘go-to’ bag since I got it ’cause I can fit a lot of things into it and still look super stylish. Okay,enough about my purple love,let’s find out whats in my bag,shall we?. 20140127-205928.jpg

My Wallet : I’ve had this wallet for over 6 years now and I still love it. The leather is genuine and it’s been bliss having this cute little thing ,which I got at a thrift shop for a very reasonable price (I don’t remember the exact price anymore but it was less than 1,000naira). I carry some cash,bank cards and business cards in it. It is quite portable  and fits into any of my bags. 20140128-161644.jpg

My Makeup Purse : This carries all the makeup products that I use. I change my makeup purse as soon I find a more beautiful alternative…vain me! The most important factor,however,is that it has to fit all of my makeup (especially those I use for touch-up) and my compact mirror. I wrote a post on what’s in my make up bag a while ago,you can view it here. I would post an update of what’s in my makeup bag in a later post.


Silk Scarf : I never leave home without my silk scarf. This is very useful in many ways you can’t even begin to imagine. It helps with bad hair days, helps to keep my makeup from smudging during outfit changes, I accessorize my outfit with it and the list goes on. I love my silk scarf especially this one because its so colorful and beautiful. 20140128-161717.jpg Sunglasses : This goes with me everywhere. It helps to keep the sun away and protects my sensitive eyes from the dirt flying around.


The Other Purse: It is a second purse that I carry around and contains random stuff from my hand cream, to my ear piece, keys,eye drop, pocket tissues, an extra pair of earrings e.t.c. My bag tends to get messy and upside down. That’s where this purse comes into play. I just put everything that I need asides my makeup into it. (Please forgive my Chinese brothers’ mistake on the purse… *coversface*)


A Notepad and Pen : As a writer, I tend to get my motivation and ideas from various sources,hence the need to have a notepad and pen with me,all the time,so I can jot them down as they come. Sometimes,I write my makeup shopping list in it,so I don’t get carried away while doing the most fun thing in the world…shopping!!!…loool.


Okay,so there you have it. These are the things in my bag. I hope you had fun peeking. What’s in your bag? I would love to know. Have a great day ahead,darlings!

Hugs and Kisses,



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