Beauty Event – Makeup In Nigeria Conference (MINC) Class Schedule

Hey Glam Royals,

Few posts back,I told you about the first ever Makeup In Nigeria Conference (MINC) which is taking place on the 30th of April,2014. If you’re just hearing about this,oh well,it’s not too late. ” Makeup in Nigeria Conference is designed to create a strategic support base for every pro-artist in Nigeria to grow and evolve together, with the intention of building our industry into enviable heights,” says Teniolami Adejuwon, CEO of Beauty By Nature. “MINC promises to offer every attendee a platform to learn new skill sets, exchange ideas and ultimately network with industry veterans. It is a must experience event.” Please click here to read more about the Makeup In Nigeria Conference (MINC) . Today,I’ve got an update concerning the event and as I always like to keep you guys posted, here’s the list of the classes and other events planned for the day.






Please remember to register and pay in time to book your seats. This event is not one to be missed. Have a fab day,lovelies!


Hugs and Kisses,






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