L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers – Review, Swatches and Shades For Women Of Color

I was never a fan of concealers. I wasn’t quite happy with how they made the whole face look. I don’t know if it’s the brands that I’ve used or it’s just my mindset about concealers. I always try to cover the face whether mine or my clients’, very well with foundation so that I would need to use little or no concealer afterwards. Then, I found L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers and I let myself go…hahaha. Seriously, these concealers are the real deal!

L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers

L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers are one of the best concealers on the market. Asides the fact that they are water-based, they are also crease-resistant. L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers are very lightweight and last very long on the face. They also give a flawless finish to the face and are very pocket-friendly too. I have been using them since my discovery last year and I always reach out to these concealers every time  I do makeup. They are fantastic for highlighting and contouring. However, I use mine for highlighting mostly.



They come in tubes with bristes at the tip. I press the tube and place the content at the back of my palm whenever I use them. There may be cross-contamination if you use the product straight from the tube unto the face. Also, I have noticed that some of the concealers tend to separate in the tube and when you press, more water comes out than the product. There’s no cause for alarm,you see! All you have to do is shake the tube very well, then press it again…voila!

I’ve been getting questions about the shades of the L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers that are best for women of color and in my own opinion, here they are:

  • Medium Bisque
  • Fawn
  • Toffee
  • Toast
  • Chestnut
  • Espresso
Swatches : L-R – Medium Bisque, Fawn, Toffee, Toast, Chestnut, Espresso

I have used these six(6) shades of the L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers and I know there are more to try out. I use the first three (3) ; Medium Bisque, Fawn and Toffee for my fair beauties and the last three(3) ; Toast, Chestnut and Espresso for my medium to dark beauties. You can purchase any of these shades for 1,200naira online at here . How do you use your L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers and what are your best shades? I would love to know. Have a blessed new week darlings!


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  • The first time I used this concealer was when I ran out of my foundation. I was skeptical about using a concealer all over my face but this was thebomb.com for me and I was in love. But you have to blend fast too. My perfect skin match is chestnut and it is so smooth and they last long too.

  • Pls I am mac NW 43 shade..which color will suit me best as a concealer and which for highlighting and contouring.

  • Please if I use chestnut as my natural concealer, Wat shade do I use for contouring and highlighting. Guess we are both of the same complexion.

  • hi i guess im late on here…im an NW 46 please whats my shade for highlighting and contouring

  • Hello! this post is just what i needed! thank you so much for this revelation. I use MaryKay bronze 507. what colors should i use for highlighting and contouring?

    • Hi thatimperfectgal, cool tan or fawn would work well for highlighting and chestnut or espresso for contouring. X

    • Hello Lola. Aww, I’m glad you found the post helpful. You can get Fawn for highlight and chestnut for low light (contouring). X

  • Hi dear just saw this post and it’s cleared up issues for me. I went to get this a few days ago before I saw this post and the sales rep kept insisting that Fawn was what I needed for normal concealing but I felt It’s too light for me so I didn’t get it. Please help me out I’m a Mary kay bronze 607 shade, what shade do I need for normal concealing. I would really appreciate your feedback.
    sorry for the long writeup.

    • Hi Anurika. I’m glad you came across my post and blog. The shade Toast is your perfect shade for concealing dark spots. For highlight, toffee would be just fine. I hope you keep coming back to check new posts! X

  • Good morning Ma, I love this post I use milani medium 108, plz what shade is good for highlighting?

  • Hi! I use a Mac NW43 as my foundation. What shades would be best for highlighting and contouring? And also I know cream contour has to be set with some sort of bronzer or powder. What would you recommend?

  • Gud morning ma! I use kiss beauty foundation in 203 and also mary kay bronze 607 shade pls wat concealer am I 2 use for contouring and hhighlighhting and also is chanel setting powder ok 4 me..tnx

  • When u are done applying the concealer are u meant to apply some kind of highlighting powder on top before ur real powder and what shade do u recommend for me am not dark and am a little bit fair in complexion pls reply soon..thank u

  • The post was very helpful ma. I use Marykay foundation (507)what shade should I use for contouring and concealing

    • Hi Princess. Thanks for reading! You can get Fawn for highlight and chestnut for low light (contouring). Toffee would be your shade for concealing dark spots. X

  • Hi. I use MilanI 2 in 1 foundation and concealer golden tan (10) what shade should I use for contouring and highlightening?

  • This post is just what I have been looking for. Heard so much good stuffs about LA Girl pro concealers and I want to try it. But am a not sure what shade I should go for. For concealing, highlighting and contour. I use tara TF314

  • I use MaryKay 607 or 507 when am not stressed what shade of L. A PRO would be good for contouring, highlighting and concealing?

  • Thanks for this info, I’m not a makeup person but it seems I’m living in the dark #lols. So I just started. I use Mary Kay foundation bronze 3, which would suit me as concealer and which for highlighting and countoring.. thanks once again

  • hi missglam,im not afan of foundation and concealer but i think i like the look on the la girl gave to my friend but i dnt kw my colour wat do i do

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