How To : Best Makeup Tools For Applying Foundation 

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Welcome back to my blog. Did you know that foundation is the basis of your makeup and the way it’s applied will determine your overall makeup look? In today’s post, I’ll be sharing the best makeup tools for applying foundation.


There are different types of foundation; liquid, cream to powder and pressed. These can be categorized into foundations for oily skin, combination or dry skin. Women in this part of the world tend to be in the combination / oily category and I shared a post on my top 5 foundations for oily skin here. Please check it out if you haven’t. So, back to today’s post. Here are the best makeup tools for applying foundation :

Brushes : A foundation brush should be used when applying foundation to the face. It helps to give a flawless finish without wasting products. It also helps to spread your foundation more evenly on the face without any form of messiness that may be caused when you use your fingers. There are different types of foundation brushes that you can invest in. They include the flat foundation brushes, Kabuki/Buffing brush, Stippling brushes etc.


Foundation Brush
Flat Foundation Brush
Stippling Brush


Buffing Brush
Not sure how to take care of your brushes after use? check out this guide on how to clean your brushes.

Sponges : The beauty blender is one of my favorite tools for applying & blending foundation and concealers. I love how buffed my makeup looks after using it. The tip point makes it real easy to blend areas around the nose and under the eyes where brushes can’t get to. The triangular white sponges are also great for applying foundation. However, they may absorb a lot of your makeup and so, you have to work with them as quickly as possible.


Beauty Blender

Makeup Sponges
Fingers : The best time to use your fingers is when applying BB creams or tinted moisturizers, This way, the product warms up into the skin faster and the finish is usually natural. ALWAYS ensure that your fingers are clean before applying makeup to your skin. You don’t want to spread dirt and germs on your face now, do you?

Finger Application
I hope you found this post helpful. What are your go-to makeup tools for applying foundation? Let me know in the comment box below!
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  • Great article Miss Glam.
    The Kabooki brush is my go to. Will try the beauty blended and aww how that pans out!

    • Hi Idowu, thank you! Oh yes, the kabuki brush is just perfect. I would love to know how it goes with the beauty blender! X

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