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I’ve been loving crotchet braids a lot lately. They are so easy to install and very convenient. Crotchet braids are fantastic hairstyles used to protect the natural (Afro or relaxed) hair. So, I started wearing crotchet braids in 2016 and it’s been a lovely experience so far. Just in case you’re new to the crotchet culture, the hair used for crotchet comes in different styles – Kinky, Curly, Straight, and or Marley. Although the hair may not seem like real human hair, it still deserves care. Taking care of crotchet braids can seem like a tough task especially after the first 2 weeks of installation but fret not as I will be sharing 4 tips to maintain crotchet braids and help to keep them looking good as new for about 4 weeks post-installation.

Two-toned curly crotchet braids
  • OIL YOUR SCALP : I usually apply oil (a mix of coconut and castor oil) to my scalp to stimulate growth. These also help my hair remain soft and healthy underneath the weave. I would advice that while applying oil to the scalp, try as much as possible not to get it on the crotchet braids as oil can make them look shiny and weighed down.  Although, some oil may get on the weave while applying to the scalp. the effect won’t be as much as when done deliberately.


Bronze twisted crotchet braids


  • TRIM THE FRIZZ : This is probably the most important step to keeping my crochet braids looking fresh. With everyday wear of the braids, the weaves naturally separate and become frizzy. This is where trimming comes into play. All I do is to just gently look through my hair and trim any pieces that have become frizzy. Trimming the frizz helps to make them look like they were just installed yesterday even after it’s been more than a couple of weeks.
Black jumbo crotchet braids
  • SLEEP WITH A SATIN SCARF : You already know how I love my satin scarves and never go to bed without wearing one even when I have just my natural hair on.This is a super important step as the satin scarf keeps the weave from flying all over the place at night and frizzing up sooner than it should. It will also protect the braids underneath from drying out. I’m not very comfortable sleeping with satin pillowcases but if you are, it will definitely help too.
Wavy crotchet braids
  • TAKE CARE OF THE EDGES : Don’t forget to take care of your edges. You can slick them down with a little gel or edge control every now and then. I usually lay my edges down every morning and set them with a satin scarf for about 10 minutes to refresh the look.

SIDE NOTE – Before having your crotchet braids installed, always remember to fully wash and deep condition your hair. Also, oil your scalp and rub some oil through your hair before you crochet it. This will leave your hair feeling well taken care of before you put it under more hair and allow the hair underneath to grow stronger.

And there you go! These tips will definitely keep your crotchet braids looking well maintained for weeks!

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