Beauty Tips: How To Lay On The Foundation

Applying foundation seems like the basic and simplest step to get a flawless makeup look. However I’ve found out that quite a number of women get it all wrong…ooops!
liquid foundation
Liquid Foundation
Stick Foundation
After doing the necessary C-T-M (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) procedures which by the way are very important processes of the beauty regime, make sure to do a shade test by applying a bit of the foundation to the jaw line.
How to lay on the foundation
Shade Test

Once the colour of the powder matches your skin tone, go on and apply it all over the face. Now you don’t want to have a mask-like makeup…except its Halloween’s…hehehe, ok I kid! Please remember to blend, blend, blend and blend….into the hair, ear and neck lines. Afterwards, lay on some loose/blot powder.

Loose Powder
Beautiful Flawless Face
Note: Use products that work best for your skin. It’s not all about the brand and price in the end.
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