BROWS : How to define your eyebrows -The Definition (1)

Eyebrows are very important facial features as they make or mar a woman’s face. Well-defined and arched brows take years off the face and lifts it. I belong to the class of women that want naturally looking eyebrows. So to achieve this, endeavour to get your eyebrows groomed professionally by a makeup artist not a hair stylist as we all have our strengths. This could be done by shaving, tweezing, waxing or threading. These methods are all effective and depend on the rate at which the brows grow ,also on the individual pain-tolerance level. I raise my hand against taking off all the eyebrows on the face in the name of “baring it all” which gives the woman ,a real surprised and unappealing look especially when there’s no pencil filled in. Ladies please, leave some hair on….the fuller the brows, the more defined look you’ll get.

After shaping, comes the filling. Brown is the only colour that should go in the brows for everyday look and good thing is that there’s a shade for every woman. I use Jordana (Brown and Light brown), Davis (040) and blackUp (CGS01) eyebrow pencils and recommend them anytime.

Do check back for continuation of this topic where we’ll discuss how to draw the brows, get the “arch” and look glam. Have A Sweet November!!!

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