Eyeliners : Lift Up Those Eyes!

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Its a wet day today. I hope y’all got to work dry. And for those at home,its gonna be a swell time with the blanket,a cup of coffee and movies in place,right? Yeah fun day…’yayies’..lol..okay let’s focus!

We get tired sometimes,too tired to leave the bed for work or anywhere else and this shows through the eyes. A great way to lift the eyes before stepping out is by using eyeliners. It could be the retractable ones or the ones that have to be sharpened. You will never catch me without lined eyes cos I’m an addict and I just love the effect it gives to my eyes…opens them up and reduces any form of tiredness on the face,like magic,I tell you!

Black eyeliners are the most commonly used by the unadventurous women (ok no offence,but y’all need to step out of that comfort zone). Go for deep blue,sea green,even purple. These colours could stand as the only eye makeup you’ve got on and you’re good to go. One thing to keep in the mind is to make sure the lines are drawn in the lower eyelid area and anything outside that area should be a smudge,so as not to look like a racoon or too dramatic for work as the case may be.

As women of colour,using a white liner is a ‘no-no’ as this would not suit us at all. We do not want to look like we’ve got a slimy-looking thing in our eyes,do we? So PLEASE,stay away from all light shades of pencils for the lower lids. The darker the eyeliner,the better the results.

Some brands that I use and would advice are Jordana twist-up pencils, blackUp waterproof smoky kohl pencils and NYX jumbo eye pencils. Have ‘eye’ fun with colours!!!

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