Bridal Feature : Elegant Chee!!!

Chee and I met about 2 years ago during her family photo shoot, to which my dear friend, Joko of Posh Click Photography referred me as Makeup Artist and since then, our relationship grew from business to friendship. So she got engaged last year (2012)…yayies!!! and asked me to be her Makeup Artist.,,double yayies!!! I was elated but then, she said I would be coming to her villa which is in Anambra State, for her traditional wedding. I hesitated for a bit because I wasn’t really certain I wanted to go that far. But after my adventurous side got convinced, I agreed to go….with my sweaty fingers… and so the countdown began!


The day (8th of February) finally came to make the long awaited trip to Enugu by air… and Voila! flight got cancelled…it wasn’t a funny experience as I had been at the airport for about 6 hours before the unpleasant news was announced. Then, I tried to find other means to get as close as I could to Anambra that day. But all to no avail, as all other flights were either fully booked or leaving very late the next day. So with faith, we (I and some of her friends) decided to book a very early morning flight the next day (which is the D-day) on another airline. The flight left about 10mins later than scheduled but thankfully, we landed Enugu just in time to join the shuttle that came to drive us down to Anambra…phew!!!


It was a relief when I saw Chee looking very calm with big smiles and ready for the day. The event started off few hours after I got to her family house in Agukwu, Anambra State. I couldn’t take as many pictures as I wanted because of time constraints but Ade Plumptre was the main photographer of the day, so I was rest assured that I would get fantastic photos from him. I had a great time all in all. 😀 and thank God for journey mercies all through.

DSC_0816 copy


First Look Of Day 1
First Look Of Day 1
Look For Day 2
Look For Day 2
Chee and Nkechi!
Chee and Nkechi!

I promise to update the pictures as soon as I have them. Have a lovely rest of the week.

Hugs and Kisses,




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