Top 10 Beauty Products Must-Have’s

As a makeup artist, beauty is a very serious business for me. My skin is very sensitive and that is why I always go out of my way to get really good beauty products. Oh no, I’m not big on “designer labels”, I strongly belong to the school of thought that says “stick to whatever works for you”. Following many questions from my friends that are having trouble deciding on what beauty products to use or still trying to figure out what I use for my glowing self…lol…(I won’t apologize for being vain), I decided to share my beauty products. So, please permit me to take you on this very confidential ride into my beauty closet…shhhhhsh!

My Beauty Secret: Top 10 Beauty Products Must-Have’s
My Beauty Secret: Top 10 Beauty Products Must-Have’s
  1.  Johnson’s 24-hour Moisture Body Lotion – This is a really good moisturizer. It hydrates my skin from the very minute I apply it onto my skin and the rate at which it absorbs and sinks in, is phenomenal. The best thing about this lotion is that its good for all skin types…yay!!!  It  is available at any departmental store around.
  2. Sleek Scrub Away My Troubles – I got this scrub at one of the makeup fairs last year. I was taken aback with the name at first…hahaha. However, it really does scrub skin troubles. I love this beauty product because of its sea mineral content which is a good ingredient for scrubs. And yes, it makes my face feel and look smoother after my once-a-week routine.  Scrubbing the face is one skin care routine that should be taken seriously. You only have to do it once or twice a week anyway. Please invest in this one. It’s usually sold with the exfoliation enhancer, at least the sleek lady made me get it, but water can be used instead of having to buy that.  Check out
  3. Lady Million By Paco Rabanne – My love for this fragrance was love at first smell. Oh yes, it’s a really nice, feminine and sophisticated eau de parfum which smells hmmmn…lovely right from when the first spray lands on my skin till about 24hours later. Its one of my recent beauty buys…. For good deals check out
  4. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly – The lip therapy written on it isn’t there for just marketing gimmicks. It really does the therapeutic job. This beauty product has been a part of my life since forever and it has saved my lips over and over again. It moisturizes  and heals the driest lips ever. It could also be used on dry skin. One very good buy, I promise. This is available at any Casabella store in Nigeria.
  5. Water – This free- for-all beauty product is just the best there is. Drink as much water as you can…6-8 glasses a day. It helps with health issues like; fatigue, head aches, reduces urinary tracts infections, improves skin tone and eliminates constipation. What are you waiting for? Go on, have a glass of water NOW!
  6. Tea Tree Oil – I add a little quantity of this concentrate to my body and hair products to help out with skin irritations like rashes and dandruff in the hair. It works really well. Consistency is needed.
  7. Oral-B Toothbrush – Well, this is a very important beauty product because if I do not brush my mouth, I wouldn’t talk to clients and smile as much as I love to. This brush has soft and gum friendly bristles which are features that one should look out for when buying tooth brushes. The harder ones can really hurt the gum…now we do not want that, so you may want to try this…It’s available at any retail pharmacy.
  8. Olive Oil Anti-frizz Hair Polisher – Yes yes, this is responsible for making my hair look real gorgeous and fabulous. All I need is just 3-5 drops at a go and hair comes out looking polished and nourished. It’s a really good investment for beauty products. Available at departmental stores and hair salons.
  9. Bendy Rollers – This has been a blessing to my hair. I get really banging curls from them. Another beauty product that makes me look real fab and keep people guessing. You should invest in a pack or two today. Remember, the smaller the rollers, the curlier your hair would turn out.
  10. Nail Lacquer – I like a touch of color on my nails. So I always go for bold colors like dark purple, fuchsia, army green, ox-blood red and other cool colors. These are available at salons, beauty shops and other retail stores.

Phew!!!!  The last and most important beauty product is my “winning smile” oh yes, I know I’ve got it going for me..If you ever need tricks on how to smile for the world, please feel free to contact me…*jokes*. I hope you had fun and I didn’t bore you with my long list. I would really love to know your beauty products and stories. Please send me a mail at [email protected] or simply leave your comment(s) below. Thank you.


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