Beauty Products Of The Month : September’s Favorites

Hey Glam Royals,

How did your week go? Mine was a little quiet and I enjoyed every bit of it; resting, watching movies, writing, amongst other things, lazy people do…lol. Not to worry, you will have the time for all these by the weekend…*grins*. So, September is about to come to an end and as usual, I’ve brought to you, my beauty products of the month. I actually have a lot of products which I am loving at the moment but this set of beauty products won the competition for this month…hahaha.


Beauty products of the month

1. L’Oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base – an awesome primer for the face. I was awed by the softness and tenderness of this product on my face. I couldn’t stop smiling ‘cause it felt real good on my skin. I absolutely love it and understand why there’s ‘magic’ in the name. You should give it a try.

2. Supernail Brush Cleaner– This is a fantastic brush cleaner. Although, it may choke if your nose is too close to where it is, it makes the dirtiest brush,clean. Money well spent,trust me.

3. L’Oreal Paris Lipstick in Fairest Nude– I never get tired of nude’ lippies’, that’s why I got this lipstick. It is really cool and suits all skin shades.

4. Kiko lipstick in 923– I am in looooove with this lipstick. My latest ‘look of the day’ post featured it. Please click here to find out how much I love this ah-mazing moisturizing purple lipstick…*lipssealed*.

5. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Rouge Lipcolour in Rich Topaz– This is a lovely soft brown lipstick which has a bit of matte finish to it.

6. Hegai and Esther(H&E) 99% Isopropyl Alcohol– This Alcohol is the best for sanitizing all your makeup tools from brushes to eye-pencils, eyeliners, scissors, tweezers even to the littlest applicator.

7. Blending Sponge – Gives a really smooth foundation finish. It is best used for areas like under the eyes where brushes cannot blend out products like concealer or foundation properly. It is available for sale at Glam O’ Sphere BoutiQue.

8. Great Lash Mascara in Clear for Lash and Brow– I use this as primer for my lashes before applying the black mascara or any other colour. I also apply it to my brows to set it in place.

9. Shadow Shields– These are answers to makeup artists/lovers’ prayers. It protects the face from getting stained by specks from eye shadows especially the shiny and glittery ones. It makes your work easier and neater. No hassle of cleaning the face after eye shadow application. It’s the BEST. It is available for sale at the Glam O’ Sphere BoutiQue.

There we have them. Please feel free to let me know which of the beauty products, you would like to read a review about, if I haven’t done one already. Have an awesome weekend!

Hugs and Kisses,


P.S : Enjoy a 10% ‘ independence day’ discount which will be on at the Glam O’ Sphere BoutiQue between the 28th of September till the 2nd of October. Please send an email to [email protected] or call 08029446936 for details. Xx


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