October’s Favorites in Pink

October is breast cancer awareness month (I know I’ve used this line before…lol..forgive me).  Just before it ends, I’m dedicating this ‘beauty products of the month’s’ post to the cause. About 2 posts ago, i wrote an article about breast cancer and an organization in Nigeria that is helping with their campaign about early detection and things we should be familiar with especially as women. Please visit this link to read further. So I gathered some of my October’s Favorites in Pink and they are my beauty products of the month of October,2013…grins.

October's Favorites in Pink
October’s Favorites in Pink


  •  NYX lipstick in Shocking Pink – A matte lipstick I really like. It’s been one of my favorite lipsticks for a while now. As the name implies, the pink is really shocking and it is long lasting.
  •  NYX lipliner in Dolly Pink – A light pink lip liner I use when I have to wear pink lipstick or gloss. The color is rich and it glides smoothly on the lips.
  • Milani Mosaic Powder in Honey Kissed #02 – This blush is a multipurpose one. I use some of the shades as eye shadows, blushes or mix all the colours to give a nice soft pink colour for the cheeks.
  • Bmpro Eyeshadow in 706 – This is a very bright pink eyeshadow and it pops. All you have to do is to take a lot of it with your eyeshadow brush and you’ll be good to go.
  • MAC lipstick in Girl About Town – This has got to be my all time favorite lipstick. I’ve used it to achieve quite a lot of looks especially on my clients. They always love the outcome. Real cool stuff!
  • MAC eyeshadow in Pink Freeze – Honestly, I do not use this eyeshadow as often as i should. However it is a cool icy pink eyeshadow and it appears silvery-pink when i use it (i think that’s the best way i can describe it…judge me not!..lol)
  • Beauty Treats Shimmery Lip glosses in Light and Deep Pink – These glosses are shimmery and the colours are really soft. If you like pink but you’re not certain as to whether the colour would look nice on your lips or not,you may give these a try. They smell good too…hehe.
  • Zaron lipgloss in Cotton Candy  – A really well pigmented pink lipgloss which could also serve as a lip polish (a mix of lipstick and lipgloss).
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara got featured only because of the pink case…lol. I actually never get tired of showing off this fantastic mascara at the littlest opportunity i get. It’s one of the most awesome beauty products,i own and recommend.

I hope you had fun checking out my special beauty products of the month. I would love to know yours,please leave me a comment and share with me 🙂 . Take care lovelies!


Hugs and Kisses,



P.S : I’ll be having my first blog ‘giveaway’ real soon…*grins*. So, be on the lookout ’cause it’s going to be worth it! Ciao!



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