Lipsticks : My Top Nude Lipsticks (Favorites)

Wow!It feels like I’ve not been in touch since like forever. I truly apologise for the long silence. I was ill for over a week and was advised to stay off writing till I recover well. Malaria had me in a tight corner but I kicked it in the’ butt’…hehe. Im so glad to be back,alive and healthy. All thanks to God! How have you been? I missed you all. I hope October has been nice to you. If not, it’s almost over anyway and November would have no choice but be nicer…lol. Okay, just before I fell ill, I had a draft about My Top Nude Lipsticks and so today, I shall be sharing them with you…yay!

I’m a huge fan of nude lipsticks. Nude lips usually appear effortless yet soft and subtle. I do not wear lipsticks regularly but when I do, I wear any of these nude’ lippies’ or do an ombre look using the nude colour in the middle. Without further ado, I present to you, my top nude lipsticks of all time…(before I discover new ones…hehehe).

Lipsticks : My Top Nude Lipsticks (Favorites)



BMpro True love: This was my very first attempt at nude lips and i absolutely loved it. This lipstick is moisturizing, glides on the lips smoothly,suits all skin tones and the colour is just perfect. I’ve had it for a long while now and it looks like it won’t finish…lol. Fantastic buy!






MAC Mocha: This is a brownish-nude satin lipstick that works when I need a tinge of colour but still want to keep it natural. It’s a really soft colour and flatters the lips well. It lasts for a long time on the lips and its especially nice on darker skin tones.


blackUp Lipstick RAL 27: I like this nude lipstick a lot. It’s quite different from the everyday lipstick as it is glittery. I do not use it regularly, but when I do, I always love the sparkles it gives to the lips. It’s amazing and the packaging is classy.


L’Oreal Paris Fairest Nude : This lipstick has been featured in some of my blog posts like The Makeover. It has a moisturizing formula which is always one of the first things, I look out for in lipsticks. It glides on smoothly on the lips and you really don’t need a lot of application before you get just the perfect natural look. There is no need for lip gloss unless you really want the shine. I love this lipstick a lot. The packaging is fantastic and I like the golden colour of the tube.


MAC Hug Me : It is a moisturizing and luster nude lipstick that is so rich. This shade suits a lot of skin tones and it’s an absolute must have. It is long lasting and the classy mac lipstick tube is an all time winner. I wear this lipstick alone most of the time but you may add a tiny bit of lip gloss for extra shine.


BMpro Naked : You definitely have to wear a lipliner with this nude lipstick. It tends to make the lips appear bigger because of its off-white colour. However, I use it for my ombre lip look and it has a long lasting effect.

There we have it. I hope you enjoyed this post. You may try out some of these nude lipsticks and find out which suits you best. Have a fantastic week, darlings!


Hugs and Kisses,










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