Product Review: Eden Apricot Scrub For Face And Body With Elder Flower

Hey Glam Royals,

How are you lovely people doing? Hope you had a swell weekend. I had a great weekend as well but I’m glad to be here with you today… *grouphug*. Okay today, I’ll be reviewing the Eden Apricot Scrub For Face And Body With Elder Flower. I got to know about the Eden Apricot Scrub For Face And Body With Elder Flower through my sister. She had it as part of her skincare yummies and I was curious to find out if the scrub would work for my really sensitive face. I haven’t been lucky with any facial scrub. They are either too harsh or simply oomph! So, I added it to my skin care routine and it worked really well. I kept using till I exhausted the jar…lol. Then,the search for a replacement began till I found it! You will have to read the whole review to find out where I found it…hehe. Now before you start rolling your eyes ‘cause the name of this God-sent scrub is long, take a chill and see why I’m in love!

Eden Apricot Scrub For Face And Body With Elder Flower

Packaging : The scrub is in a simple, regular jar like that of pomade, gels and hair creams. I like that the jar is transparent, so I would know the content without loosening the cap.

Formula: It has the rough nature of any regular scrub. It is a brownish deep cleansing natural fiber body and facial scrub which also contain elder flower (which has so many natural benefits for the whole body in general and is believed to help fade freckles and skin blemishes) and other natural ingredients like corn meal,crushes apricot seed and walnut shell powder.


Application: Moisten skin area on face or body with warm water. Apply with fingers and massage gently avoiding eyes and sensitive areas. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry (as written on the jar).


Pricing: I picked up a 227g  jar off the shelves of CasaBella at Ikeja City Mall, Alausa, for 500naira only. I hear you gasp…okay calm down…you read right! Very pocket and skin friendly.

How it looks!

Verdict: I really like the Eden Apricot Scrub for Face and Body with Elder Flower. It works really well for my face. It gets rid of any roughness,dull surface cells, makes my face super smooth and soft. Most of all,it reveals a healthy complexion of my face. I haven’t used it as a body scrub but I’m definitely going to try that out and see how it goes. Another fantastic thing about this product is that it is gentle enough to use everyday…#bliss. I hope to increase the number of days I use it but right now, I scrub twice a week. Okay, the only thing I’m not feeling about this product is the packaging. I would like if it were in a tube to avoid cross contamination which may occur in this case. Overall, I would definitely re-purchase this product over and over again.

I hope you found this post helpful. Please leave me a comment if you have used the Eden Apricot Scrub for Face and Body with Elder Flower and let me know your thoughts. Have a wonderful Monday and a great new March!

Hugs and Kisses,



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  • a friend of mine has the tube form of this sure its apricot scrub with elder flower just not very sure its by Eden or st, ives. its agood product tho…..loving her glow!

  • I hv also used Eden scrub, I had a serious breakout, n started using it, we’ll after abt 3wks I see d results, my pimples, resolving.
    That’s not the only thing am using tho, but I love smooth feeling it leaves on my face after use….

  • I used the scrub, I had a huge breakout on my face, initially I did see results. But now, I can’t use any other scrub, they bring pimples to my face and Eden apricot seems to be the only one that takes them away. I was scared, cos the package( very poor) and the price 500 naira made me think it was fake. But damn it, dis fake product is working.. After I saw the blog, I realised it wasn’t fake. But its not really toning my skin but my face is quite smooth

    • Aww, I’m glad that it’s working for you. My advice is for you to stick to it! Thanks so much for the feedback, Sylvia! Xx.

  • Thumbs up missglam, I also have breakouts. Please can you help with skincare products I can use for my face? Thanks in advance

  • am a beginner, can i use my cleanser after the scrub?. how many days can i use the scrub in a week and how many minute

  • This stuff is really mad. Actually I used the scrub in a friend’s house for just three days and my face went extra smooth and spotless. Everybody was complimenting the freshness of my face But the thing is that after I left the house I started looking for this product endlessly. What really worsened my search was that all I could remember from the products name was appricot scrub leaving the eden in caption… But thank God I ran into your blog unknowingly and I found this… GOD BLESS you for this… I’m getting my eden apricot scrub as soon possible..

  • My face is full of spots and pregnancy hormones brown marks, my friend recommend this to me. I just ordered it and it will be at my address on 26th October 2016, i tried everything but my skin is not changing at all. I hope Eden Apricot Scrab will clean and clear my face. I will post a comment once i receive it.

  • Hi Thank you for this post. I have an uneven skin colour with little pimples cAused by menstrual period. Can I use the eden apricot scrub? Pls reply as I’ll love to buy it today. Thank you.

  • Doesn’t it lighten the body??? like it said ‘extra whitening’ what are the lightening ingredients in it??

  • I just brought mine today Eden apricot scrub for face and body I hope for a good results thanks

  • Hi Missglam, please I want to know if one needs to compulsorily wipe off her makeup before applying the scrub and if using it twice in a day is too much. Tnx

    • Hi Cecily, oh yes, you need to take off your makeup with a cleanser first before using the scrub. Hmm, twice a day would be too much for the skin. I would advise you use it once to twice a week.

  • I just bought d product, pls I want to know for like how many minutes will I leave it on my face before washing it

    • Hi I got the eden scrub tube for #2700. Yesterday at Egbeda was surprise that some got it for #500. I just want to ask for how minutes can it stay on face before washing it off. Thanks.

    • Hi Sabina. The price may have changed over the years. You can take it off immediately after application or leave it on for about 2-3minutes. However, please read the direction on the pack too. X

  • Tanks for d info earlier. Sorry to ask this which bathing soap and body cream or lotion do u use? I use cusson baby soap and johnson baby lotion, my hubby said it is making me darker. I just want a cream or soap dat will make my skin ok. No bleaching, no black circle at d eye region. I think I HV ur kind of complexion. Lol. Thanks.

  • Hi. Thanks for the post… I just started using eden apricot scrub for my face and body like two days ago. Pls does it make the skin dark? Cos I don’t want my skin getting dark. Thanks.

  • hi,just bumped into your glam blog and its been so helpful and educating with the oilyskin daily skincare,right foundations and powder,how to build a makeup box for muas and the EDEN APRICOT scrub review.
    i actually use the sking brightening eden apricot scrub and its been wonderful.please keep up the good work and more grace dear.

    • Hi Ebere, so glad you found the blogposts helpful and thank you so much for the kind words…I really appreciate them. Hope to read from you again! X

  • Tnx so much Bola my name sake. Pls i have pimples in my face so I bought eden soap hope it will remove the pimples n make my face smooth. Waiting for ur reply pls

  • I had just spots, never had pimples and I got it two thousand at Osogbo,but i used it and I had serious breakout of pimples…I even had to stop all my cream and soap yet it wnt go..
    I stopped the scrub after a week ooo…

  • Hello missglam, i have a very sensitive face, like i react to literally everything i use. I have white patches on my face with few bumps, plz can Eden Apricot scrub clear it?

    • Hello Gift, I would advise you to check with a dermatologist to find out the cause before using any product at all. Xx

  • pls where can i get the scrub can i get in the supermarket am in akure if there’s any distributor of the product and does it lightens skin

  • I am using this scrub since last year, really it works me well, it makes the face fresh and soft all the day. EDEN
    Apricot scrub is number one of my skin care products.

  • Pls how many days will it take eden apricot scrub to clear my pimples,blackheads and darkspots caused by pimples Thxs

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