My Top Seven (7) Rainy Season Must-Haves

The rainy season is upon us, ladies and gents. Have you noticed that it’s been raining every other day? phew! Now, I love rains especially when I’m tucked in bed watching a lovely drama movie/series or reading a very interesting book. However,there are days when jobs call or when I have to run errands and then the awesome showers of God begin to pour down. Heavy rain can mess a well done makeup and hair…aah! No,we CANNOT stop the rain but hey, we can use water-resistant  products that will help save us from frizzy hair, black tears and save our most priced shoes from early ‘retirement’. Here are my top seven (7)  rainy season must-haves that will help brighten up your day no matter how cloudy it may seem.

My Top Seven (7) Rainy Season Must-Haves


Umbrella :

This is a no-brainer as an umbrella is always a must have item during the rainy season. It gives the necessary protection from the rain. It also saves my cute dresses and other clothing from getting drenched. I would advise you get a nice sturdy one because, I tell you, these showers are not for the fancy umbrellas.



Waterproof Mascara/Eyeliner :
I always invest in water proof eye makeup especially mascara and eyeliner, not only because of teary eyes but also for the rainy season. To avoiding black tears from streaming down your face, simply use a waterproof mascara and eyeliner to keep your lashes intact and make your eyes pop, before stepping out in the rain.





Lip Moisturizer :
To take care of my lips on a wet humid day, my lip moisturizer is always there to do the job. It helps to moisturize and heal dry chapped lips.



Anti-Frizz :
Hair tends to get frizzy in the rain. To smooth it out use an anti-frizz serum to tame unruly hair.



Rain Sandals:

These sandals are the ish! I wear them and never have to worry about taking a walk in the rain. They are so water-friendly and come in stylish designs too 😀 . If I have to change, I carry my shoes in a bag and do the change when I’m at the job, meeting or appointment. These are shoe-savers!!!


Sweater :

It’s very important to cover up nicely during this season as cold and flu tend to be in the air. A fantastic way to make the cold stay away and still look super chic is to invest in sweater made of quality fabric. a fab design and great color to brighten up your look.


Setting Spray :
Lock your makeup in place with a setting spray. It will help you extend the wear of the makeup even on the rainiest of days.




Let’s cover up well and shine through the rainy days! Cheers to a great weekend!


Hugs and Kisses,



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