Makeup Artists : How To Build A Professional Makeup Kit

Building a professional makeup kit can be overwhelming and pricy especially when you don’t have the proper guide as to what you really have to buy and what your kit can survive without. Truth is, there are lots of makeup brands on the market with the same products but different names and price tags. They all have the aim to sell, so they come up with marketing gimmicks that are so good that you just want to buy all πŸ™ . So, I got a mail from one of my fantastic readers asking me to help her out with ideas of how to build her professional makeup kit. I know quite a number of us have had to go through or are still going through this stage in our makeup career. That is the reason why I thought to share my ideas in a post so I can reach out to a larger audience πŸ™‚ .

Makeup Artist : How To Build A Professional Makeup Kit
Makeup Artist : How To Build A Professional Makeup Kit

To start with,you need to have a budget plan. No, I don’t mean you have to spend hundreds of naira at a go just yet. However, I believe that you would have money put aside to embark on this addictive journey πŸ˜€ . So, once you have your cash, you now have to decide the kind of products that you need for your kit. Okay, don’t get carried away with brand names and price tags. There are lots of low-end makeup products that have awesome quality. You’ll never know till you try them out, you know! I have used and reviewed quite a number of makeup products and trust me when I say these products (low-end and high-end) that I’ll be listing below have fantastic qualities. However, some have greater qualities than others…’better soup,na money kill am’. I do not intend to bore you, so let’s get down to business.


  • Low-End Brands (Drugstore Brands) – Mary Kay, Black Opal, Revlon.
  • High-End Brands – MAC, blackUp, Bmpro.


  • Low-End Brands (Drugstore Brands) – Milani, Zaron, Sleek.
  • High-End Brands – MAC, blackUp, IMAN.

Brushes :

  • Low-End Brands (Drugstore Brands) – Real Techniques, Coastal Scents, E.L.F, Hegai and Esther, Zaron, Bh Cosmetics, Shany.
  • High-End Brands – MAC, Sigma.


  • Low-End Brands (Drugstore Brands) – Milani, Black Radiance, Black Opal, Sleek.
  • High-End Brands – MAC, NARS, Bmpro.


  • Low-End Brands (Drugstore Brands) – Coastal Scents, Sleek, CasaBella, Miss Rose, Bh Cosmetics, Shany.
  • High-End Brands – MAC, Bobbi Brown, Bmpro, NARS.


  • Low-End Brands (Drugstore Brands) – Mary Kay, Revlon, L’Oreal, Zaron, Sleek, Wet ‘n’ Wild, NYX.
  • High-End Brands – MAC, Bmpro.


  • Low-End Brands (Drugstore Brands) – LA girl.
  • High-End Brands – MAC.


So, there you have them. I hope you found this post helpful. I’m still trying out new brands in each category but these have worked and are still working well for me. Now, you have to decide whether you’re ready to invest in the high-end products or the regular drugstore brands. Just before I go, I would like to advise that a professional makeup training is needed for you to be able to apply your makeup properly. You can have all the makeup products in the world but without the right application techniques, you may just be investing wrongly…oops! I offer private classes, you may contact me via email @ [email protected] or call 07031852283, to schedule one πŸ˜‰ . You can also shop for your makeup products here.

Have a fabulous new week, darlings!

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  • God bless you for this post. I have been confused because I had a lot of stuff in my cart for shopping and at the same time running out of money because of so much to buy. Thanks. But do you have any idea how good morphe eyeshadows are? And also the KCMA foundation too.

  • Very good write up. I need to get brushes in the low end range. is there any brand you would recommend. Been very confused. Thanks

    • Thank you,Beautylover. Coastal Scents, Real Techniques, Bh cosmetics amongst others make real good brushes and they are quite affordable too. I hope that helps. Xx.

  • Hi, I will soon complete my training of becoming a makeup artist and I want to start my own business.can u please give me d list and d prices of all I will need to buld up my career?thanks n stay bless.

  • hello. i would love it if you could write a post on how to charge especially for upcoming makeup artists for a variety of events- bridal, runway, photoshoots, shows.

  • Thanks for this wonderful information. But plz kindly tell us where we can get this original branded products from.

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