DIY : How To Fix Broken Powders/Eyeshadows

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It’s my 200th post today…whoop whoop!  I have come a long way…wow! Thank to you for always being there, reading, commenting and sharing. God bless you! So, today, I have a do-it-yourself post for you  on how to fix broken powders/eyeshadows…yay! Quite a number of us must have at one time or the other broken our powders or eyeshadows mistakenly…oops! Oh yes, it happens to the best of us and it’s okay. So, I have a trick to share with you on how to fix your broken powders/eyeshadows 😀 . Please follow these steps and I promise that you will love the outcome.

DIY : How To Fix Broken Powders/Eyeshadows
  1. Open up the broken powder/eyeshadow. The powder used here is the NYX Bronzing Powder in Confessions Of A Tanaholic.
  2. Crush it up some more. Make sure that all the bigger bits are broken into powdery form.
  3.  Add alcohol (here I used the H&E 99% Isopropyl Alcohol) till it becomes a paste. Be careful not to add too much, so it doesn’t turn to liquid. However, if that happens, you can pour out the excess alcohol which would have separated from the mixture.
  4. Make sure that your paste is a even by plopping/stirring the mixture. I used the end of one of my makeup brushes for this.
  5.  Once even, tidy up the pan. Then, leave it to sit over night.
  6. The powder/eyeshadow may look discolored when dry. Not to worry, take a paper towel and rub the top layer off and voilà! it becomes as good as new!

I hope this helps to fix your broken powder/eyeshadows. I will bring you more DIYs in later posts. Till then, have a fab day ahead! 😉

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