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Last Friday, I put up a post about my hairxperience at the Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute and also mentioned that I was invited to a media meet and greet. Okay, today, I have the detailed post on the event for you. It was an interactive and insightful meeting. I learned so many things about the Natures Gentle Touch brand and how to take better care of my hair.I also got a gift bag with some products and a free hair therapy voucher 😀 . Please read through and enjoy!

Excerpts from the Press Briefing

Natures Gentle Touch Redefines Hair and Beauty Care in Nigeria
….Provides range of solutions to Nigerian women’s hair challenges

Personal style brand, Natures Gentle Touch, manufactured by Recare Limited has reassured Nigerian women of its promise to deliver hair care solutions that will keep their hair healthy and beautiful.

Speaking during a media roundtable held recently at the Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute, Production Manager, Recare Limited, Mr. Daniel Appiah, stated that the company’s product lines are made with natural based ingredients required to give a healthy and beautiful hair. He noted that every product under the brand was created bearing in mind the Nigerian climate condition as well as other factors that could affect the Nigerian woman’s hair.

“Our objective is to ensure that every Nigerian woman achieves her beauty goals. Having a hair that is one hundred percent healthy, beautiful and natural is a major part of these goals. We have several products that currently seek to solve various hair challenges which include dry and itchy scalp, dandruff and hair breakage. Our products are tested and trusted by many Nigerian women,” said Appiah.

He added that the company will continue to introduce more products that will help every woman maintain her natural hair and help repair damaged hair.

Similarly, Field Education Manager, Recare Limited, Mr. Daniel Komlan while educating the press on ‘Nigerian Hair and Challenges’, noted that a major reason why most women have damaged hair is because they don’t know how to care for their hair and many hair stylists also do not have the technical skills required to care for the hair.

He added that in addition to providing solutions to women’s hair challenges, Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute serves as a training centre for potential and experienced hair stylists.

Thanks to Recare Limited for hosting us.

Below are pictures from the event!


CEO, Recare Limited, Mr Ramesh Hullur
Getting to know one another
Natures Gentle Touch Range Of Hair Products
During the hair analysis
CEO, Recare Limited, Mr Ramesh Hullur, Production Manager, Mr Daniel Appiah, PR Manager, Mrs Toyin Adepegba and Field Education Manager, Mr Daniel Komlan
Products from the goody bag
My free hair therapy voucher

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