Harmattan : Makeup Tips For The Allergy Season!

The harmattan season is here and it feels like it’s getting stronger by the day. I get allergies around this season and I know there are quite a number of us out there. Along with giving itchy throat and watery eyes, the allergy season can cause damage to makeup. So, I was reading one of my favorite wellness books and thought to share with you, some makeup tips for the allergy season.

Makeup Tips For The Allergy Season!
  • Use natural products – Found in health-food stores. Doing so will help prevent red, itchy eyes from sensitivity to ingredients in eye makeup.
  • After a sneezing session – Clean up an eye makeup mess with a cotton swab. Dab the swab moisturizer or with a bit of water , and gently wipe the area (no tugging)
  • If you wear foundation – Keep your compact close by. Touch up after blowing your nose.
  • Look for a long wearing foundation – This formulation can prevent under eye makeup breakup.
  • Pick a contouring trick out of your bag – Apply contour color to the brow bone to offset the look of the swollen , red eyes that are infamous with allergy season.
  • Skip eye makeup altogether – It’s OK to sacrifice beauty for your health now and then. Give your eyes a break when you are having a particularly rough day with pollen.

In addition, bring out your fab sunglasses and rock them. Please stay warm and safe!


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Credit : Beauty Basics And Beyond 101 Ways To Keep Your Hair And Skin Fabulous.



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