Product Review : Zaron Matte Lipsticks And Lipstains With Swatches

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Today’s post is a review of lip products from one of my favorite Nigerian Makeup Brands – Zaron. Zaron cosmetics always step up as they introduce products into the market. I really like that about them and also their products are affordable too. Fantastic brand,no jokes! So, I was sent some new Zaron matte lipsticks and lip stains for review. I have worn them all and I’m here to share my honest review about these lip products.

Zaron Matte Lipsticks And Lipstains
Zaron Matte Lipsticks
Zaron Matte Lipstains

Packaging : The lipsticks come in black tubes and the lipstains come in black lipgloss tubes with lip wand.



Formula : The Zaron matte lipsticks and lipstains have matte formulas. The lipsticks go on dry while the lipstains apply smoothly like gloss and dry off after few seconds.

L-R : Marigold, Traffic Jam, Boss Lady, Butterscotch
L-R : Posh, Jasmine, Chilli, Tyrant


How I Apply : I apply directly from the tube and use a lip brush to smooth out the edges of my lips.

Pros :

  • The Zaron matte lipsticks and lipstains have vibrant colors.
  • They are long lasting.
  • They have matte finish.
  • Very pocket friendly and easy to carry around.
  • They are also easy to purchase.
Lipstick swatches – L-R : Marigold, Traffic Jam, Boss Lady, Butterscotch
Lipstain swatches – L-R : Tyrant, Chilli, Jasmine, Posh


  • I had an issue with application of the darker colors. They were patchy but I found my way around them eventually.
Top Left -Bosslady, Right – Butterscotch. Bottom Left – Traffic Jam, Right – Marigold
Top Left – Jasmine, Right – Posh. Bottom Left – Chilli, Right – Tyrant

Overall, I really like these Zaron Matte lipsticks and lipstains. Apart from the patchiness with the darker colors (trust me when I say this is usually the case with all dark colors), I’m quite satisfied with the quality of these lip products. Make sure to moisturize your lips well before you apply any of them to avoid making the lips look too dry and flaky. My favorite of the lipsticks would be Traffic Jam and from the lipstain range, the award goes to Chilli. I can’t wait to try other colors.They are sold for 2,500 naira each and can be purchased at any Zaron outlets with their head office at No. 2, Alhaji Kanike street off Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos. You may also purchase online here .

Do you own any of the Zaron matte lipsticks and lipstains? What’s your favorite color?


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