Custom USB Drives For Glam O’ Sphere 

Hey darlings,

We are back online…finally! There was a technical glitch over the weekend and the blog and boutique were down for a while. Thank you all for your patience. This post was meant to go up last Saturday  but better late than never,right?

About a month ago, a lovely lady (Chelsea) from custom USB drives contacted me about designing and sending some of their branded USB drives to me and I was like…sure!!! I got to choose from their list of lovely designs and sent my logo to them and that was it! No hassle at all!

So, I got a package from China last Friday  and it had our cute branded USB drives in it…whoop!

They look so cute and very well done. The USB drives have a memory of 7gb each and are great for corporate giftings and sourvenirs. You could even give them out instead of business cards. I can’t wait to give them to some of you guys and our lovely store customers…whoop!

If you’re interested in getting your branded USB drives, please shoot me a mail or visit their website to pick your design and request a quote .
Have a fantastic week, lovelies!

PS: The Blog Sale is still on. Check it out here .

Hugs and Kisses,



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