Beauty Tips : 7 Uses For Old Mascara Wands

Welcome to my first post of 2016. I hope the year started out well for you. Mine has been quite interesting. Talking about interesting, I know how we get excited when we get new mascaras and ditch the old ones without second thoughts. I’m a mascara junkie myself and I have thrown away lots of mascaras that dried out or were not in good conditions anymore, However, just before you think about throwing that old mascara in the trash, here are 7 uses for old mascara wands that you may want to check out!

7 Uses For Old Mascara Wands


  1. Cleaning jewelry.
  2. Separating eyelashes.
  3. As eyebrow brush.
  4. To tame flyaway hair.
  5. Removing clumping mascara from lashes.
  6. To clean small bottles.
  7. To unclog sinks.

And there goes my beauty tip on 7 uses for old mascara wands. Do you have any more uses for old mascara wands? Please share!


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