Yanga Beauty BrowLution Eyebrow Pencil – Review and Swatch

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Welcome back to my blog. It’s all about the Yanga Beauty BrowLution Eyebrow Pencil today. During the last makeup fair in December 2016, the lovely Jennifer of Yanga Beauty gifted me this pencil basically for me to use and give a review. I’ve been using it for quite a while and now, it’s time for that review. According to Yanga Beauty, “BrowLution is a Super slim retractable eyebrow pencil with an accurate tip and brow brush in one, It is easy and convenient to use for an ultimate brow experience”. Let’s find out what I think, shall  we?

Packaging : The BrowLution pencil comes in a purple pack. It is black, super slim, sleek to touch and has two ends; the pencil and eyebrow brush (also called spoolie).

Yanga Beauty BrowLution Eyebrow Pencil
How I Use : I brush out my brows with the brush, then fill them with light strokes with the pencil till I get my desired result. Then, I brush again to make them look as natural as possible.


Pros :

  • The Yanga Beauty BrowLution Eyebrow Pencil is non-greasy/oily.
  • It is retractable so you are in control of how thin or thick your brows look.
  • Super slim and easy to carry around.
  • One shade for all skin tones.


Con :

  • Price is a little steep.

How It Looks On My Skin

Overall, I quite like how the BrowLution pencil feels and looks on my eyebrows. With it, you can have the most natural looking eyebrows ever and if you want thicker brows, you can always build up on it. I’ve used this brow pencil in some of recent makeup looks on Instagram and YouTube . Please feel free to check them out. It reminds me of the MAC Eyebrow pencil in Spiked that I love very much. So, the price in my opinion is a little steep as I’m always on a budget when it comes to makeup shopping now 😀 . That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t replace my MAC pencil. However, I have found more affordable and fantastic quality eyebrow pencils that I use instead but that doesn’t rule out the fact that the BrowLution pencil is awesome. So, if you are a MAC lover and are looking for a more affordable option, BrowLution is definitely your go-to and I’m pretty sure you’ll be stuck with it after the first try. It retails for 4500naira. To purchase, please check out them out on Instagram @yangabeauty.

Have you heard about the BrowLution Pencil? Do you use it? Kindly share your thoughts. If you have a pressing beauty question, holler at your girl! I am always happy to help. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or right here in the comments. Have a fab week, lovelies!


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  • Thanks dear for the review.
    I have been looking for a review of the pencil, but i have looks created with the YangaBeauty Browlution and they look great.
    Now I have exactly the details I need.

    • Hey dear. Thanks so much for stopping by. So glad to read from you and hear you found it helpful. Hope all’s going well! Xx

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