My Top 5 Hairstyles For Hot Weather

I drafted this post about a week ago and thought that it would be published today . Then, I woke up feeling harmattan in the air…hahaha. Talking about harmattan, I’ve got posts on my beauty must-haves for the harmattan season and makeup tips for the allergy season. I think you should check them out. So, back to today’s topic , the weather before this morning had been hot and I know how uncomfortable it is to let my hair down during those days . We have to look good no matter the weather, yeah 😀 . That’s why I’ve made a list of some hairstyles that can be worn during hot days. Yes, they are practical and wearable hairstyles. Here are my top 5 hairstyles for hot weather :

  1. The Pixie Cut : This hair style is so chic and low maintenance. There are different styles of pixie cut but Halle Berry and Rihanna are my go-to celebs for inspiration.
    Halle Berry

  2. The Braids/Cornrows : I love braids when it’s properly done and my delicate edges are well taken care of. They are pretty easy to wear and allow your scalp to breathe.
    Keri Hilson

  3. The High Bun : Sweeping the hair off the face into a high bun is one very cool way to work around your natural hair.
    Kim Kardashian

    Christina Milan
  4. The Side Plait : If you want to wear your weave (a lot of us don’t have naturally long hair…let’s not lie 😀 ) down, maybe for a night out or just casually, you could pack it loosely, plait the end and drop on one side of your shoulder. It looks really pretty too.
    Selena Gomez

    Nina Dobrev
  5. The Ponytail : This will forever be a classy hairstyle to me. It’s simple yet chic. You can wear it to work, casually, for a date night…the list is endless.

    Jennifer Lopez

There goes my top 5 hairstyles for hot weather. What are yours?

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