Six Of The Smartest Beauty Hacks You Will Ever Try!

I’m a do-everything-under-fifteen-minutes kind of person. I time every activity and hate spending hours in front of the mirror trying to doll up. I am obsessed with makeup but unless I’m going to a special party or event, I cannot bear to follow a makeup routine that takes longer than fifteen minutes. Also, I’m a fan of natural-looking makeup which makes it easier to pull off a quick natural makeup look. In this post, I’ll give you a few beauty hacks on how to pull together a makeup look in less time, and with ultimately flawless technique

  1.  Give Your Moisturizer An Add-on: Tinted moisturizers are all the hype these days and I’m certain you ladies have one sitting in those drawers. But if that isn’t the case, you can make your very own tinted moisturizer at home by taking a dollop of a light, non-sticky moisturizer out on your palm and mixing some of your foundation in it before you apply it on your face with a regular artis/foundation brush. This hack has never failed me even when I had severely dehydrated skin.
  2. Eye Primer Saves The Day: I have a neutral color palette that I use excessively. I believe the makeup products you buy are a personal choice and only you can figure what colors are going to work the best for you. So pick any neutral shade and swipe it over your lids. This will give your eyes an impeccable finish without making them look like they’re loaded with makeup. An eyeshadow ensures that your eyes don’t crease up. If you don’t have neutral eye shadows, substitute them for a bronzer. Whatever works the best for you.
  3. Exfoliate, then Tint: This one has a curious name, right? Well I’ve found that rubbing my toothbrush for about 30 seconds on my lips in the morning after I’m done brushing my teeth helps me take the layer of dead skin off of them. So, it basically prepares my lips for a lipstick. Normally I avoid wearing lipstick and wear a tinted balm instead. Or I simply put a little blush powder on my lips after applying the balm. It gives a very natural look to my lips.
  4. Mascara Is A Must: And we all know this already. No matter how less makeup I apply on my face, I never ditch the mascara. I have one in my office table drawer, one in my handbag and one at home. But learning how to apply mascara is a little tricky. It’s advisable to put mascara on your lower lids first so you don’t get excess product on the upper lashes. I like to apply mascara first to the tips and then finally in a zig-zag motion through my lashes from the roots.
  5. Beach Waves: Hair defines your personality and I cannot step out of my home with bad hair. My simplest hairstyle that takes the least time is beach waves in the hair. I section the hair for this style into three, braid the sections and press a hot flatiron from the base of the braid to the tip. Then I undo the braid and spritz some sea salt and warm water mixture to get perfect beach waves in my hair.
  6. Springy Ringlets: You can turn an everyday look into a glamorous one in just fifteen minutes by curling your hair on a curling iron. Do not run your fingers or a brush through your hair if you want a more dramatic look.

These six beauty hacks should help you get a naturally beautiful look in no time!

Jane Auston

Jane Auston is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs on styledowntheaisle.

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