How To Clean Your Brushes With The Glam O’ Sphere Antibacterial Instant Brush Cleanser – Demo

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The wedding  and festive season is here! That means more makeup jobs for makeup artists and events for the party lovers. That also means you’ll be using your makeup tools and brushes a lot, this season. I know how hard it is to take care of or wash our makeup brushes especially when they are a lot. Nonetheless, to avoid breakouts and other  unpleasant skin conditions from infected and dirty brushes, we have to. So, let me officially introduce you to our Antibacterial Instant Brush Cleanser which is an excellent product for cleaning makeup brushes and tools in an instant! The spray is convenient for cleansing and disinfecting brushes and tools quickly.

Glam O’ Sphere Antibacterial Instant Brush Cleanser


Benefits –

  • Cleanses and disinfects
  • Spray and wipe clean
  • No water is used
  • Has a very pleasant smell
  • Can be used as an air freshener

Directions For Use – Spray the  Antibacterial Instant Brush Cleanser several times over brush bristles. Gently wipe the brush onto a clean cloth, paper towel or tissue to remove makeup. Let air dry for 1-2 minutes before using the brush. The product is only meant for cleansing brushes and tools ; do not use it on your skin!

Watch Demo Here :


The Antibacterial Instant Brush Cleanser retails for 1500naira but in the spirit of festivities, we are offering a discount of 500naira per bottle…whoop!!! So, you get one bottle for 1000naira instead of 1500naira. Please call 07031852283 or visit our online store to buy yours. It’s also the perfect gift for your family, friends and loved ones that love to do makeup. I would really appreciate your support of our latest venture. God bless!


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