Little Seed Farm Unscented Deodorant Cream – Review

Can you tell the amount of chemicals you use on your body daily? Now, take a few minutes to think about it (skin care, body care, oral care, hair care, every care) 😀 . Anyhoo, in a bid to reduce that amount (which I bet you’re still thinking about…lol), I decided to try out an organic/natural deodorant with little or no chemical ingredient and went online (per usual) to search/read reviews about the best organic deodorants on the market.

Found the Little Seed Farm Deodorant Creams and the reviews were really good. These creams are aluminum and baking soda-free deodorants made from nourishing & gentle organic ingredients. They are also available in 7 scents including the unscented cream which I got because of how I feel about new scents.

Packaging : The Little Seed Farm Unscented Deodorant Cream comes in a transparent glass jar with a silver metallic lid. It also comes with a wooden scoop stick.

Little Seed Farm Unscented Deodorant Cream

Formula: It has a creamy formula which can get creamier in hot temperature or firmer in cold temperature.

How I Use : Instead of using my fingers as advised on their website, I apply with a silicon mask brush.

Pros :

  • The Little Seed Farm Unscented Deodorant Cream is 100% organic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • Leaves no mark on clothes.

Cons :

  • Having to apply with fingertips can be messy.

Overall, I love the cute glass jar packaging. The instruction says that a pea-sized amount should be taken out of the jar and applied to the armpits with your fingers (I do not like this idea). However, as mentioned earlier, I’ve been applying with a silicon mask brush which is really easy to use, clean and won’t absorb the product. This Little Seed Farm Unscented Deodorant Cream deodorant cream is amazing, lasts all day, no skin irritation, no marks on clothes, no funky smell despite the heat. You should totally check it out if you decide to try a natural deodorant. Another thing that’s noteworthy is that it has to be kept in a cool place. If not, the coconut oil in it will melt (this won’t affect it’s effectiveness in anyway). I bought it for $11.99 on Amazon. You can also buy directly on their website. Have you used the Little Seed Farm Unscented Deodorant Cream or any other organic/natural deodorant before? If yes, please share in the comments.

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