Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation & Liquid Concealer Reviews & Swatches

Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation & Liquid Concealer Reviews & Swatches

This writer’s block took longer than expected but I’m finally getting out of the funk…phew! It’s really good to be back!!! I hope you guys have been well. So, just before Valentine’s day, the lovely people at Zaron Cosmetics sent me a PR box which contained some of their newly launched products. I’ve used some of these products over and over again, especially the foundation and concealer. So, today, I’ll be reviewing the Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation & Liquid Concealer. According to Zaron Cosmetics, The Healthy Glow Foundation is an ultra matte foundation which blends in smoothly and guarantees a beautiful matte finish. You are sure of an even skin tone and even more with SPF30 that protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The Liquid Concealer is a light to medium coverage concealer that blends seamlessly into the skin. Now, let’s get right into my review, shall we?

Zaron PR Box
Content of the PR Box

Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation Review

Packaging : The Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation comes in a sleek black tube with a transparent circle which shows the shade of the foundation.

Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation

Formula : It has a creamy liquid formula.

How I Apply : I apply with a flat/kabuki foundation brush or a beauty blender.

L-R : FZ05, FZ25 & FZ45

Pros :

  • The Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation has a really nice coverage.
  • Matte.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Packaging makes it easy to get product out.
  • It is moderately priced.
  • Contains SPF30.
Swatches – L-R : FZ45, FZ25 & FZ05. My shade is FZ25.

Con :

  • It’s got ”the smell” that puts me off.
  • Requires touch up about 4-5 hours after application.

Zaron Liquid Concealer Review

Packaging : The Zaron Liquid Concealer comes in a lip gloss-kinda tube with an applicator.

Zaron Liquid Concealer

Formula : It has a liquid formula.

Zaron Liquid Concealer – L-R : AZ05 (Light), AZ10 (Medium) & AZ15 (Deep)

Application : I apply using the applicator and blend using my beauty blender or a concealer brush.

The Applicator

Pros :

  • The Zaron Liquid Concealer blends well into the skin.
  • Buidable coverage.
  • Doesn’t crease.
  • Pocket Friendly.
Swatches – L-R : AZ15 (Deep), AZ10 (Medium) & AZ05 (Light). I use AZ10 for highlighting.

Cons :

  • Quite liquidy.
  • Shade range is limited.
  • Tiny applicator.

Overall, I love the fact that Zaron Cosmetics constantly work on improving the quality of their products and also how they make them available at affordable rates. I also really like the packaging and coverage of the Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation & Liquid Concealer. The foundation contains SPF 30 which is a plus and it blended easily into my skin. However, it has “the smell”. If you are a regular reader of my reviews especially about foundations, you would know how much I dislike that chemical fragrance which isn’t quite pleasant to my sense of smell 🙁 . The foundation lasts for about 4-5 hours after application and it can become patchy if you’re not careful when dabbing/during touch up.  The liquid concealer is quite liquidy (compared to other concealers I use) and requires the use of more products for better coverage. I like that it doesn’t crease and is very easy to blend as well. The shade range is quite limited though but I already saw a post by Zaron saying they are working on adding more shades, so that’s some good news! 😀 . Whilst they do that, I also hope the applicator is changed as this current one is too tiny and takes more time to get products out of the tube. All in all, I’m quite pleased with the innovation and new products as well 🙂 . The Healthy Glow Foundation and Liquid Concealer are sold for 4,750naira and 1,550naira respectively. They can be purchased at any of the Zaron Cosmetics outlets. Have you used the Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation & Liquid Concealer? How did you like them?

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