What’s In My Diaper Bag?

A diaper bag as the name implies is a bag for storing diapers, right? Well, that’s correct but the bag isn’t just for diapers, it’s your go-to bag for baby supplies whenever you’re out of the house (at work, a party, visiting family and the friends, at the store…wherever). As a new mum, I wasn’t sure about what to have in my diaper bag but after a few tries, I can boldly share some essentials that I make sure to take with me whenever we go out. Please note that what you need in a diaper bag varies according to your child(ren)’s age(s). Here is a list of what’s in mine for an infant:

My Diaper Bag Essentials

  1. A Diaper Bag – Of course…lol. They come in different fabrics, designs with various compartments. The best diaper bag is the one you’re comfortable with. So, there’s really no rule when it comes to choosing one, just make sure it suits the purpose.
  2. Diapers – Depending on where I’m going, I usually take between 3-5 extra diapers. We may end up using only one but you can never go wrong with carrying too many diapers. Someone (who under packed) might actually need a change of diapers for their baby. You’ll definitely save them the headache of having to get to the store or something…you never know!
  3. Wipes – Most times, I carry the whole pack of wipes…lol. Transferring wipes to another container can be a hassle for me but on days when we won’t be out for too long, I put some in a Ziploc bag and we’re good to go.
  4. Feeding Supplies – Measure enough water to make at least one feed in a bottle and lots of formula in a small container (specifically for this purpose only…not any random one). If you’re going to use expressed breast milk, you’ll need to bring a bottle as well and if you need to breastfeed or pump, make sure you bring your breastfeeding supplies like nursing cover, portable breast pump, nursing pads etc.
  5. Change of Clothes – This is very important. There might be a spill accident (food, spit, pee, poop etc.). I’m sure you can relate, so it’s better to be prepared by packing one or more change of clothes for your little one.
  6. Bibs – If your baby drools a lot, you might to pack between 3-4 bibs. With that, he/she can stay dry especially around the mouth and chin area to prevent skin rash.
  7. Flannel/Soft Blanket – This is to cover your baby when the weather is too cool or windy.
  8. Hand Sanitizer – This is mostly for people who you don’t mind carrying your baby. In situations where they are unable to wash their hands, sanitizers come in very handy.
  9. A Bottle of Water – This could be for you or the baby (to prepare formula if you exhaust the one you brought with you while still out).
  10. Waterproof Bag – To store dirty diapers especially when you’re unable to dispose of them immediately.
  11. Other Items – like diaper rash cream, toys, snacks/food for mum, sunscreen, extra shirt for mum, phone and wallet (easier to carry them in the diaper bag than having to carry a separate bag).

And there you have it! With these essentials, you’ll always be prepared for that event. I know there wasn’t any mention of me doing a pregnancy/motherhood series…*coversface*. I guess you can add mummy blogger to my titles now 😀 .  Have a fantastic week ahead, lovelies!

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