Christmas is here again!!!

Yay!!! Its the yuletide season again and I’m very sure everyone is making preparations for the D-day..its the season to give,love,share,be happy…in short live life!!!

As this is a beauty blog,I just want to talk a little on how to prep your face for this season cos a lot of us will be going to gigs,events,cinemas,parks even beaches..there’s no better excuse to get our faces looking I right? Or right?

So here are some tricks to get that beauty treat..

1. Make sure to cleanse ur face immediately after u’ve had ur beauty bath
2. Then moisturise with a body lotion that has spf 15 or above.
3. Use the foundation powder that suits ur facial skin
4. Do ur eyebrows(nicely arched ones)..they give ur face the best lift ever..(No kidding!)
5. Use the mascara.
6. Apply ur lipbalm,gloss or lipstick and u’re good to go!!!

Six stressfree steps to achieve a ‘glam’ look this christmas season…let’s get to it!!!

Cheers people,


I’m a beauty blogger, love to write, share experiences and keep you up to date, as I embark on my fab journeys into the world of beauty, fashion and all things stylish!

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