Lipsticks: My Top Four(4) MAC Lipsticks

Top Four(4) MAC Lipsticks

Oh I love MAC lipsticks. Feel free to call me an addict,its a good thing I’m I’ve got quite a number of lipsticks but here goes my top four(4) MAC lippies in no particular order.

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo

Girl About Town

Girl About Town

Please Me

Please Me

Up The Amp

Up The Amp

So there you have my top four(4) MAC lipsticks. Tell me,what are yours? Do share with me…

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  • Here goes my TOP 4> Fresh Moroccan,So Chaud,I’m Passioned,Lickable,Snob,Chilli…etc The list goes on and on but let me put a halt,I actually got a gift of 8Mac listicks for xmas added to my Mac lipsticks array of colors..they make me chuckle 😀


  • @Liv..hmmm..I’ll try out the Modesty..
    @Perry..I want!!! Lol..I’ll check those colors out and get one or more to add to my collection. 😀

    Thanks for the comments.

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