Blushing right!!!

A lot of African women especially Nigerians seem to have the notion that as “blacks”, we do not blush but I say …‘hell yeah we do!!!’. A blush powder adds just the needed touch to a flawless face makeup but the right application is VERY important. There are so many fantastic cheek colours from the earth toned ones, to the coral tones, also the pink tones. Before a blusher is used, factors such as the facial structure, colour of the skin and the colour of the lipstick to be used must be taken into consideration.

Women of class and style always love their makeup looking as natural and ‘glam’ as possible. So, to get these results, please follow me as I share the simple steps to apply the blusher and look like you’re blushing from within….:)

Get a good blush brush…(this comes with any set of brush).

A blush powder is the next thing to have at this point…brands such as MAC, IMAN, BMPRO make the coolest of blushers…

Earth toned blushers are fantjavascript:void(0)astic for dark women, coral and soft pink toned ones are great for medium colored women and very light-skinned women look fabulous with pink and red-toned blushers.

A pink-toned blush powder by MAC

Once you have the right blush powder, place your brush lightly on it making sure not to take too much colour.

Smile and apply the blusher by placing the brush on the apple of the cheek and blend towards the hair and ear lines.

Do the same for the other cheek.

Ensure that the intensity of the colours on both cheeks are the same, otherwise, balance it out

Blending is KEY!!!…so blend well into the skin to give the illusion of a naturally ‘excited’ blush from deep inside.

                                                                   Blushing Model

Pretty easy,eh?! Well let’s get to it and start blushing right…..;)

With love,
Omobola Missglam.


I’m a beauty blogger, love to write, share experiences and keep you up to date, as I embark on my fab journeys into the world of beauty, fashion and all things stylish!

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