Lips Lining: Do You Know Where To Draw The Line?

Hey Lovelies,

Today, I want to share some simple but important ideas about lining the lips and getting the best kissable ones ever….So get your lip-pencils ready…hehe…its going to be fun.

Applying lipliner is not only a great way to accentuate and define the lips but it’s also a way to keep your lipstick from “straying away”.

-Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick or a flesh tone shade for a soft, natural look.

-Begin by applying the lip liner at the center of your natural upper lip line to define the bow and then work towards the outer corners to complete the line. Do the same for the lower line.

-To get plumper, pinker looking lips, do not touch up by drawing a hard lip line; smudge it so lips look fuller.

There goes the 1,2,3 of lining those gorg lips. So take a cue from this, Ladies. I hope u found the article helpful.

How to line the lips

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  • This is an awesome article because i had to mentally go through my make up to see whether i was on point….another issue i strongly believe Nigerian women are missing is colour combination….some use coloured-red- liners for their lips and go ahead to use lip gloss on the lips which makes it look weird!

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