What’s In My MakeUp Bag? : Have A Peek!

Hey Glam Royals,

I hope you’ve had a great month,so far. If not, don’t fret as I’m pretty certain everything will turn out alright in the end. Just stay strong, have faith and believe in God.

So,today I shall be allowing you take a look at what’s in my makeup bag ( it’s more like my touch up bag though). I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while…and here it is…finally!.


This little white makeup bag which has pink roses and kisses all over it,contains most of the makeup products that i can’t do without when I leave home for jobs, meetings, hang out or just running errands. I borrowed this bag off my sister, now it’s mine…ssshsh..don’t tell.


I mentioned earlier that its more of a touch up bag as I usually do my makeup (when necessary) before I leave home. So I have these products to use for touch up and also on days when I just want a natural makeup look (which is my regular makeup look, anyways).


This is the Milani compact powder in Deep which is really nice on the face. It’s oil free and gives a real matte finish. It’s a really good powder to use especially because of the weather here. I’m sure you can see the name is going off and there’s a little break in it. I’ve been using it for a while now.


The Great Lash mascara by Maybelline is still one of my favorite mascaras of all time. It’s really dark and it lengthens my lashes while volumizing as well. My lashes stray into my eyes often times and it gets nasty especially when i try to get them out, so I CANNOT go a day without using a mascara.


These are some of the eyebrow, lip and eyeliner pencils that I use regularly. Black Opal eyebrow pencil, NYX eyeliner pencil in Sapphire, Jordana eyeliner in Sea green and NYX Lipliner in Plum.


Ah! this Barry M lipgloss is ‘it‘. I’m more of a lipgloss person for everyday look and this gloss completes my look every time I wear it. It glides on the lips nicely and it’s a really cool nude lipgloss that any type of skin shade can wear.


The Vaseline lip balm by Lip Therapy has saved my lips during the good and bad times….hahaha. But seriously, this balm heals dry and chapped lips like magic. I’ve had this tin for over a year now,hence the way the cover looks…*coversface*. Click here  to read more about this product.


The Zaron powder brush is quite small that it fits into my makeup bag and is fluffy enough to use for my powder application. I use the e.l.f eyebrow brush to blend out the eyebrow pencil after application for a natural eyebrow finish.


I got this Valentino tester bottle when I purchased one of my perfumes, a while back. Although, the content finished about 2 weeks after I got it, I kept the bottle because its really slim and small and fits into the bag very well and I also use it to mix my perfumes. It comes in really handy on days when I forget to spray on a perfume before dashing out.


This mirror is a regular one I got a long time ago. It’s compact and just the right size for touch ups.


And yes, my nail file has got to be with me everywhere I go, ’cause I’ve got long nails and I always like to file them in place, so they maintain their nice shape…I love my nails! 😀

I haven’t written a post this long in a while…phew!. I hope you enjoyed going through my makeup bag. What’s in yours? I would love to know.

Hugs and Kisses,



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  • Nice one dear, besides where can I get this milani powder from,and I would love to test to get my right shade!

    I have 2 makeup bags, one is so big can’t even carry it out except I’m going out with a big bag! Pheeeeew! I”ll use the smaller one as a carry on bag!

    Thanks for the tip… Winks winks

    • You can get it at any beauty shop around especially on the island and they’ll assist in choosing your perfect shade.

      I know how the ‘huge makeup bag story’ goes…hahaha. Glad I could help. Xx

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