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Hey Glam Royals,

Welcome to July! It’s the beginning of the 2nd half of the year already….whoop! Let’s make it count,people!

Talking about making it count, i do some ‘good’ work through enhancing women’s looks and also sharing my ideas on beauty,makeup amongst other things…*winks*. So, I’ve met a lot of women and most of them ask me questions about makeup, and oil control is one major issue for them as the weather here is humid. Most ladies seem to have average to very oily skin and so they shine few hours after makeup is applied.Then,I thought to write this post to help out if you haven’t found the solution to the ‘oily’ situation.

To start with, applying a face primer / matifier / makeup base is a very important part of daily makeup routine, as this provides a base for your makeup, holds makeup in place for a long time and most of all,prevents the breakage of oil ( hence,blocks the oil that causes shine,which can be really embarrassing). Some people refer to it as ‘ororo’ (means vegetable oil) face…Loooolyou know what I mean?!.

This should be applied evenly to the face but special attention should be paid to the t-zone as those areas become shiny easily. Then,an oil-free foundation and powder should be applied.

If your skin is really oily, I advise that you replace the regular powder with an oil control powder which absorbs oil and keeps the makeup fresh and shine free.

Here are some products that I’ve used and I recommend for oil control:

– blackUp Ultra Mattifying Rebalancing Fluid.
– No 7 Face Primer.
– Mary Kay Oil Mattifier.
-Zaron Oil Control Powder.
-Black Opal Oil Blocking Invisible Powder.

blackUp Ultra Mattifying Rebalancing Fluid
No 7 Makeup Base
Mary Kay Oil Mattifier
Zaron Oil Control Loose Powder
Black Opal Oil Blocking Invisible Powder

So, with one or more of these oil control products added to your makeup routine,i bet you will be on your way to a ‘shine-free‘ look.

I hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to mail me via [email protected] for more enquiry. Have a great week ahead! God bless!

Hugs and Kisses,


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  • I want to get a primer, foundation, concealer and powder for me.I have oily skin and it is embarrassing.after applying powder after 30 minutes the oil ness comes.pls recommend the best product to use

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