New Year : My Beauty Resolutions For 2014!

Hey Glam Kings and Queens!!!

A very happy New Year to you! Hope the year started out nicely for you. Mine started great also. So,just before the year ended, I came up with some beauty resolutions which I hope to keep, all through the year. :D. Yes,I know,you’re probably rolling your eyes ’cause a lot of us make resolutions and by the 2nd month of the year,we just throw them out of the window…lol. Oh well,that’s why I decided to make them beauty-related anyway 😉 . So,here are 7 beauty resolutions of mine which you may want to add to yours if you don’t have them as part of your resolutions already.



1. Moisturize more – I usually skip the moisturizing step of my beauty routine most times because I break into sweat whenever I moisturize and need to get out of the house afterwards. However,I intend to moisturize more in 2014 because it does my skin good and makes it look more healthy.

burgundy highlight

2. Get an highlight in my hair – I would definitely get a burgundy highlight in my hair in 2014. I had it done some years back and I loved it. So,I will be revisiting it 😀

3. Give away some beauty products – I have so many beauty products that I forget I own and forget to use. I intend to give them away in 2014,so they’ll be put to better use.



4. Drink more glasses of water – Water does amazing work for the skin,hair,nails and the entire body in general. I do not take as much as I need to everyday but I hope to take it up a notch in the new year.



5. I resolve to take my hair styling skill more seriously. 2014 might be the year,I break out of the box.


6. Exercise – This is my least favorite beauty topic but I hope to do more exercise and get more fit in 2014. Let’s pray,I do!



7. Buy more shoes with heels – I love my flats and sandals too much. They are very comfortable. However,I need to wear more stylish heeled shoes especially for special occasions. So,I shall be investing in some nice ones in 2014.

So help me,God!


Have a Healthy,Happy and Glamorous 2014!!!


Hugs and Kisses,




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  • Love your articles and I do have few new year resolutions of my own.
    1) Be kind to your hair- use heat protection before
    using any hot products; your hair dryer, curling
    iron,hair straigheners and even hot rollers.
    2) Use SPF always- whether it’s windy, sunny or rainy,
    your face and skin needs constant protection.
    3) Simple but effective- taking off make up every night.
    It’s one of the more common beauty resolutions, but
    one that often still doesn’t last right through the year.
    4) Commit to a skin care routine- proper cleansing,
    toning and moisturising is the most popular and
    easier to follow.
    5) Giving my makeup brushes a good clean twice and
    not once every week especially with loads of dust in
    this season.
    6) Keep my skin hydrated and clean by
    drinking a minimum of two litres a day. Replace juice
    and fizzy drinks for water and see the effects instantly.
    Isn’t this obvious?
    7) Keeping my nails looking fresh and healthy
    throughout the coming year by keeping them away
    from my teeth. Tip – paint your nails every couple of
    weeks to avoid the temptation
    Trying one new looks to keep things young, fresh
    and exciting. I tend to get comfortable with some styles
    sometimes for months which I need to work on.
    9) Get enough beauty sleep which I don’t do as I find it
    hard to shut my brain off while trying to relax.

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