Top 5 Luxury Watch Brands (SP)

Some may say that given that there is a clock on every smart phone, a wristwatch is no longer a necessity. Although it’s true that now, we can check the time using other devices, wristwatches are still an essential part of men’s and women’s style. Find out which 5 luxury watch brands, achieved the most recognition thanks to their luxury watches and shop for the trendiest and affordable wristwatches on Jiji –

1. Bulgari is one of the oldest known luxury brands in the world with a huge fan following. The brand opened their first store in Italy in 1884 and has won the hearts of millions thanks to their exquisite and elegant jewellery and watches. Bulgari has become famous thanks to their philosophy, which combines the highest levels of quality, value, design, and service in each one of their products.



2. Chopard is equally praised for its outstanding watches and jewellery. However, they have already achieved iconic status far outside the international watch community. Chopard’s success is based on four essential components: innovation, tradition, expertise, and philanthropy. The result is visually stunning and technologically impeccable watch collections that buyers all over the globe are looking forward to.


3. Cartier is known today for their inventive and bold approach to watchmaking, but not every Cartier fan knows that this brand has not only been the pioneer among watchmakers, but is also one of the first brands to use platinum in jewellery. Every collection of Cartier is met with great anticipation, and it is the favourite brand of the rich and famous of the world who know everything about true luxury.


4. Patek Philippe is a brand that was founded on the grounds of excellence, and their values haven’t changed since 1839, when the brand was born. Patek Philippe has a very detailed approach to designing wristwatches: it’s where traditions meet innovations, rarity meets aesthetics, and value meets mind-blowing design. No wonder Patek Philippe watches have become the epitome of luxury.

Patek Philippe

5. Seiko like many other luxury watch brands, has been operating since the 19th century, and they haven’t lost an ounce of their popularity and excellence in the watchmaking business for a century and a half. Seiko watches have a highly recognisable appearance, and the brand’s regular collaborations with major sporting events like the Olympics have also added to their popularity.



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